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Name: Kell AKA The Red Shogun
Caste: Dawn
Motivation: Build an army that can safeguard Creation.
Anima: A magnificent roaring lion made of bright white and pale golds with the tiniest tinge of red at the flame's edges.
Concept: Bandit Warlord
XP Left/Total: 0/0

Strength •••, Charisma •••••, Perception ••
Dexterity •••••, Manipulation •, Intelligence •••
Stamina •••, Appearance •••, Wits ••

2, Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Dodge 1, Integrity 2, Linguistics 1, Lore 1, Melee 5, Occult 1, Performance 2, Presence 3, Resistance 2, Survival 1, War 5

Followers: 4
Resources: 4

••, Conviction •••, Temperance •, Valour •••
Virtue Flaw Foolhardy Contempt
Willpower ••••••
Essence •••
Personal 15
Peripheral 36

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2, -2*2, -4*1, Incapacitated

First Linguistics Excellency(1m/die)
Melee: First Melee Excellenc(1m/die), Dipping Swallow Defense(2m)
Presence: First Presence Excellency(1m/die)
War: First War Excellency(1m/die), Rout-Stemming Gesture(4m, 1wp), Mob-Dispersing Rebuke(7m, 1wp), Fury Inciting Presence(10m, 1wp), Heroism-Encouraging Presence(8m, 1wp), Tiger Warrior Training Technique(10m, 2wp)



<b>Join Battle
4, Soak 2B/1L/0A, Dodge DV 9/2, Mobility Penalty , Fatigue
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 6, Damage 2B, Parry DV 8/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 5, Damage 5B, Parry DV 4/2, Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 5, Damage 2B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P
Straight Sword: Speed 4, Accuracy 12, Damage 5L, Defense 11, Rate 2, Tage -

Social Combat</b>
<b>Join Debate
4, Mental Dodge DV 11/2
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy 8, Parry 8/2, Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy 7, Parry 7/2, Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy 5, Parry 5/2, Rate 2

His troops, His Ally

Standing close to 2 meters in height Kell is an imposing man when dressed up in his Red Shogun persona that he favors when not doing his little propaganda missions. Dressed in red enamled plate armor, a carved wooded mask painted red and done in the form of a demon with a thick and heavy looking blade at his side he is an almost nightmarish figure.

When not dressed and geared up like that while still tall he is a pleasent enough man to see. He dresses well, taking a naturally respectful tone to both men and women alike though with a bit more of a flirt for the ladies. His easygoing maner seems to draw people in. His nonchalant way of saying some things tends to stick with people even when the exact words don't letting him twist those around him. When it comes to speaking of military matters though then he shows his zeal. His skill truely does show itself in how he makes those around him better from his guidance and charms and how his words cause the minds of other brilliant generals to be able to make even more brilliant strategies then he might have.

Born to the name Kell of Aridian his talents and nature would likely have gone to a complete waste in that eastern village along the Great River's course in the East. Placed southwest of Greyfalls and east of Great Forks it was just another place trying to eke out a living. Yet when the barbarians came it was he that rallied his people to defend the earthen bulwarks and wooden walls. Only after the foes had been scatered did the people fear him for upon his brow was the a of damnation. He was not Kell to them anymore but one of the Forsaken.

Fearful of the demon in their midst and forgetting what he had done for them they chased him away with stick and stone and farmers tool. New to his power and unsure of himself he let them drive him away from his home. He wandered for a short time as he learned his powers and needing coin and food soon fell in with a large bandit group. With his charm and skill it was only a matter of time before the fearful leader of them tried to kill him in a fight with a poisoned blade. He never landed a blow though and died quickly enough leaving Kell in charge. Under his guidance and training the simple bandits gained skills and talents that any army would envy and his wealth grew under swift and well placed strikes on Guild Caravans. Guild mercenaries can be good but against solar trained troops they had no chance and several whole caravan groups vanished before Kell took his troops elsewhere.

Soon after he started to call himself the Red Shogun and adopted his armor and look to help inspire those with him. Such activities do not go unnoticed though by those who watch events in the East. A Sidereal woman calling herself approached him from the Cult of the Illuminated. Having allready established himself he did not feel in need of their training and protection but agreed to turn his martial activities to something greater and better for Creation then a simple bandit warlord. Inspired by the ideas the woman spoke to him of he seeks to build a greater and greater force. Southwest of the Greyfalls territories and east of Great Forks his forces begin to move as he looks to taking land and power for himself. His first great challange as he sees it is to take Greyfalls. The first stepping stone in his great quest to build an army to safeguard Creation.

In the First he was Dorhan ol-Sohim. While he was not the greatest warrior or archer or general in the First Age of those who were the greatest generals of that era all knew and respected him. His greatest talent lay not in personally commanding troops but in making troops and commanders great. Invariably his troops were the most elite in the Realm. Generals from all over regardless of their personal fame or successes would attend his military theory seminars and come away from it ever the more brilliant and deadly. When the Ursupation came those Dragonblooded who had learned under him were the most effective in bringing down their once masters. He himself was slain at the great banquete by his personal honor guard.

<b>Plot Hooks</b>