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Ancient History

Long long long ago the Incarna were made by the Primordials so they might keep Creation running smoothly and that the Primordials might recline at the Games of Divinity for all time in relaxation and enjoyment. The Unconquered Sun was their champion who could be bested by nothing as was his nature. Luna was made to counter the Wyld in case it could create some impossibility that might best the Sun. The Maidens were made to give the world stability and maintain its proper order from one moment to the next. The Elemental Dragons directed the great flows of essence throughout Creation. They were pleased with what they had wrought and could see no dangers. Yet one spoke up. Their was one danger left unnacounted for. A small chance that something of Creation not forged by them might somehow rise up against them. So they created one more being who was charged to watch Creation for dangers that might come from things not made by Primordial hands.

In the night sky he could be seen. A great ring(think Saturn style) that moved. He did not cross it as did the Sun or Moon but made a slow circle over the year. He watched his fellow Gods as they made the Elementals. He watched the strong progeny of behemoths and other things that the Primordials locked in the earth. He observed the lowly humans as they bred and multiplied. Yet like the others he grew tired of this endless task and envied his creators. When the Unconquered Sun approached him about rebellion he willingly signed on.

When Autocthon created the Exalted he forged them in for the Sun, Moon, Stars, Dragons and Ring. Yet he knew well the natures of Gods. He worried that before they could strike the watching God would feel too compelled by his nature and inform the other Primordials. So he used his powers over the Watcher and locked him away inside himself and when the other Incarna asked what had become of him he said simply that the king of Yu-shan, Malfeas, had grown angry with him and he was unmade. Though this was a terrible blow they felt they would not give up the plan to which they had dedicated themselves and a war against the Primordials went ahead as planned.

Originally Autocthon had planned to release him after the War. The Watchers chosen were to perform a task similar to what the Watcher had done for the Primordials. They would watch over the other exalted and work with them and constantly make sure that no group planned to try to move against their makers and to keep one set of Exalted hands from moving against another. The Gods were paranoid that their creations would turn on them as they had their creators and wanted a safegaurd against it. Wether they saw the irony in doing this who knows. However after the War he witnessed the move against his Jadeborn and he feared what the Gods would do when they knew he had locked one of the Brothers away and denied them some chosen for their war. Then his opportunity came. When the Maidens asked for him to craft the Loom he used the very constellations as a seal to hide the Exalted sparks and the Incarna himself away before he fled Creation.

The 100 exalted souls and the Incarna himself would have remained ever locked away but for the acts of the Sidereals. In breaking the Mask they damaged the seal. Even when Jupiter repaired it the damage was done and the seal was breaking. It would be a long time still but in time it would shatter and the Watcher and his chosen would move again.

The Lookouts

The Lookouts number 100 and are divided into 5 castes. They were traditionally meant to work both with the others and on their own. They were split up so that each might in turn watch against a different possible threat to the Exalted and to the Gods. The Wyld, Malfeas, the other Exalted, the other creations of the Primordials upon and under Creation and threats from within Yu-Shan.

West - These ones were tasked with investigating the Wyld and things that moved beyond Creation's rim. For 5 motes they can cancel any one attempted shaping effect. At highest anima level they themselves are immune to shaping and can cancel one shaping action around them once for each of their own actions.

South - These were the ones who would put down the monsters below the world and watch against the dangers that Creation had left from the days of the Primordials or to ensure their were no problems amongst the Terrestial dieties and their Exalted masters. For 5 motes they could empower an attack against any race the Primordials had made(humanity doesn't count) to deal aggravated damage.

East - These chosen were to help fascilitate interaction between the Exalted so that eyes would not look on each other with distrust or envy nor look too far up from the Creation they governed. 5 motes lets them create a 1 point Intimacy in someone towards their fellow Exalted or the Gods. At the highest levels all who behold the Lookout gain a one point intimacy towards him. These intimacies are natural and fade as normal. Anyone with too many intimacies will lose this one very quickly as its only a small intimacy to start.

North - The North worked to make sure that the Sidereals would always have the information to take into account in their prophecies that the Loom would not reveal, that the Stewards knew where to guard and what matters the Lawgivers might need to shine their light upon. 5 motes permitted them to communicate a few sentences to anyone anywhere aside from places specifically protected against such measures. At the highest levels they can pick up a little of the surface thoughts from those around them.

Center - These ones were supposed to keep their eyes on the big picture and more specifically to try to monitor the inevitable new creations that would come from the Exalted and make sure that indeed the cycle of created destroying creator would not endlessly repeat. They could for 10 motes try to break any unnatural social influence on them.(Generally this means having the roll needed for the effect be rerolled to see if it still holds). At highest levels they are immune to new social attacks(though not allready existing effects).


1st Excellency: Same as any other Exalted. 1m per die rolled. Capped at the Ability for a paticular action.
2nd Excellency: Same as any other Exalted. 2m per success. Cap is based Ability as above.
3rd Excellency: 3m cost. Same as others.
Essence Ascending: 1m/2 dice increase. Increases the dice cap for an ability or attribute excellency. Can not increase a dice pool more then the Lookouts essence. Need not be used on the Lookout.
Essence Descending: 1m/2 dice decrease. Reduces the dice cap for an ability or attribute excellency. Can not reduce a dice cap by more then the Lookouts essence to a minimum of 1.

Just some quick notes here. Cap is based on Ability. Special talent is ability to increase or decrease dice caps in themselves and others. Dice cap modifier are seperate charms for increase and decrease and limited to essence.

Other Nifties

The magical material for these is called Eyestone. A clear and reflective daimond like gemstone that resonated powerfully with their God and the Lookouts themselves. Materials useing this material would be useful in seperating fact and fiction and in protection. Forged into glittering crystal weapons they would strike into hidden weakspots and hide the users own. +2 Damage and +2 Defense. Used to craft ranged weapons they granted +2 Damage and +100 yards for bows or 20 for thrown weapons. To armor oneself in the material it reduces the minimum damage dice rolled by 2.

Once they were to have a variety of Authorities granted to them by their unique roll in the Exalted scheme. The curse of the dying Primordials tried to wiggle its way into their souls too but their unique trapment limited the effects. Now they are prone to flights of paranoia based on their direction. One interesting effect is that if a non-Lookout Limit Breaks around them they limit break in place of the one who should have.

Basic name for them would be Orbis(Latin for ring). Lookout is more their group name like how the Solars are the Lawgivers.


Self note: rework the 5 castes based upon places to watch. Yu-Shan, Malfeas, the Wyld, the Exalted, and Creation. Possible idea about a Seal power? Reduces a persons effective dot rating in a skill/attribute which can limit charms. Doesn't work as only 3 placs prior to War, possible 3 caste design?