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The Hunters Primal are a faction within the lunars. The members of this group are found from those both within and those from outside the Silver Pact. A widespread group they number about 40 lunars total who take to a few common activities and ways to hold them together as they go about a certain self-appointed task.

Amongst Lunars they are first and foremost known for the more glorius and compassionate thing they do. They are chimera hunters. When they learn of one of the abominations they gather as needed and hunt down and slay the creature so that the soul of the lunar can reincarnate properly instead of living a life of tormented madness.

The second thing they are well known for is an intense opposition to the forces of the Wyld. Strikes against Fae nobles, warning others people wether civilized or barbarian of upcomming attacks or killing those who would offer themselves to those outside creation or do trade with them. They remember that long ago all exalted were charged with ruling and protecting Creation and just because some of it is corrupted by the touch of civilization is no reason to let the Wyld consume it.

They do these things for a mixture of reasons. Yes doing such things are deeds worthy of the glory of a Lunar and they are the right things to do but they are also done because the Lunars of this group feel in a way they have failed and their honour is tarnished. They had forsaken oaths of marriage and loyalty to the Solars long ago. However much the solars had become consumed by arrogance and decadance they let them die and fled when they should have fought. The cowards way is not a Lunars way. They can not go back and act differently though so instead they try to act right now so to atone for that crime.

The way they hunt and combat the forces of the Wyld requires a different attitude then the usual Lunar group. They do not take territories or at least not territories they stay at and live in. They might lay claim to a manse or a tract of favored hunting land but they are too nomadic to stay there. This is a strength and a weakness for them. By not settling to one place their territorial instincts remain subdued to let them work with each other much more easily but they have no powerbases to build on either. They may mate and give birth to mortals or beastmen but they do not rule tribes of them.

Like most Lunars they see civilization in a negative light. To it, and to a degree themselves, they blame for the corruption of the solars and fall of the First Age. Even in modern day its easy to point to the places that have long been established and fallen to corruption. The Realm or Great Forks or Nexus are prime examples. Even Lookshy was once sliding down that road and even today there are those amongst it that are pushing the political clime which could lead down that road again. They do not seek its downfall yet though. They have other duties that are more important then doing that.

In keeping with their disdain of civilized life they forsake all things made by human hands. This leaves them to arm themselves with weapons, armor and devices of moonsilver and body paints which they also find an acceptable substitute for cloathing. This of course means amongst many climates they will travel in non-human forms.

The return of the Solar Exalted has definitly made waves in this group. Now the ones they have betrayed are returned. In keeping with Lunar customs they feel they owe the solars something for this. What they they are not sure yet.

In terms of leadership structure there are 4 main elders who each take a direction to focus on patroling for one century before they all rotate. The younger ones are scattered around and do as they want until they hear word of a gathering to hunt down and oppose the forces of the Wyld or a chimera.