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Primarily based in the South or the West the Cresting Pack is a rather stable group of 5 Lunar women. They are primarily a diplomatic and recon group. Making deals with spirits, barbarian groups, other exalted or infiltration and exploration of both the stable lands of Creation beyond the usual haunts of Lunars or the Wyld zones near the edge of the world. They have been fairly successful in their work and have a good companionship. All of them are relatively young but due to their mix of factions they are part of and their ability to remain impartial are quite called upon by the Lunars in need of their skills. They are not opposed to travelling far distances in service of Luna or their fellows.

Reaching Talons is the singular Full Moon in their group. A woman from the Chiaroscuro she looks of mixed Realm and Delzhan descent. Her hair is a dirty blond and her skin is deeply tanned from the southern heat and sun. She usually dresses in clothes from where she is from. Her body is lean and fit and her blue eyes are bright with life. She does not bear armor or weapons but those whose minds are strong can notice she has a lion's tail. She had the advantage of being mentored under Tamuz himself who found her when she exalted within the city. She does not have a warform yet and her shapechanging powers are rather limited. She is however a trained and deadly martial artist quite advanced in combining both the Tiger Style moves Tamuz instructed her in as well as her own Fury charms. She has been exalted the least amount of time and been with the pack the least so she favors letting them decide the course of action. She loves being a Lunar and her people. She has a strong Solar bond and of the Lunar orginizations she is most strongly affiliated with the Seneschals and the Thousand Rivers groups. Picture

Gentle Breeze is the face of this Lunar pack. A changing moon through and through she uses her charm, body and wits to keep her pack safe and informed as well as to build their reputation. Her natural body type would have betrayed her origins in the far east under the endless boughs of the great trees but now her form shifts to suit her desired look but regardless of form she looks like beauty come to life. She is always dressed for impact and usually has some silver jewelery on her person. She along with Temperate Cloud are the founders of this group. She is quite connected in among many kingdoms both physical and spiritual or even wyld and along the worlds edge many have heard of her. Though her mink totem and general activities might lead one to think otherwise she is a very competant fighter and favors pure strength in her fighting style, using a deadly warform along with gift charms to make up for the apparent lack of armor she owns. When the diplomacy allows or needing to be armed she owns a moonsilver grand daiklaive. She is to a degree involved with most of the factions so as to get along with everyone but no one is quite sure which faction she truely favors personally. Picture

Pale Moonlight fills the roll of spymaster for the pack. Born in the southeastern mountains her rugged life and a deadly mountain avalanche resulted in her exaltation. She has always believed deeply that Luna saved her then and as a result she is deeply religious in service to the Moon Maiden. She has the spirit shape of a mountain hawk. She dresses appropriately for wherever she happens to be so that she blends in or at least blend in as much as her stunning form allow. She is naturally dark of skin, hair and eyes but along with being the spymaster of the group she is also their premier shapeshifter and master of forms so her body form can change wildly. She preferes information gathering that does not involve interacting with people and leaves that sort up to Gentle Breeze. She prefers not to fight unless she has chosen the battle and the battlefield but when pressed her flying war form and often hidden moonsilver direlance of great power from the first age make a deadly combination of speed and power to crush foes with. She has no major faction leanings. Picture

Crescent Paws is a silver haired(Due to charms) beauty who grew up in in the northeastern plains region. She is a no moon with the spirit shape of a white furred fox. She is the groups wisewoman, seer and priestess. Their moral center which they rally around when they try to decide the right thing to do. She enjoys silver jewelery and dresses very tribal and barbarian when she dresses at all, prefering to act only when garbed in materials pleasing to the Bloody Huntress Luna. Her warform and specialties make her inhumanly quick in battle as she cuts her enemies down with her claws or her great grand daiklaive. She is also keenly perceptive of people and wise seeming beyond her years. She cares not for the factions and actively avoids them instead just serving how Luna wills. There have been times before that she has been called upon to act for Luna. Picture

Temperate Cloud is the final member of the group and decidedly the most elder lunar there having been an exalt for close to half a century. She of course doesn't look near that old. She is a blue haired willowy and elegant woman who seems very refined. She is the sorceress of the group and their occultist. She comes from the River Province originally though she does not discuss such things as they are just her past and not her anymore as she would say. Though she presents herself as calm she is actually easily riled up and in fact has earned the nickname of Temper from her packsisters. She favors as her weapon a moonsilver grand grimcleaver.