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Art of Spirit Beckoning

Invoke the Humble Spirit (0, Charisma+Performance, 2, one hour)

One of the most common rituals used by the Scavanger Lords due to its use with discovered artifacts. This simple ritual is designed to waken and temporarily empower the quietly slumbering spirit within artifacts. Should the thaumaturge sleep while holding this artifact they will dream of the artifact. These dreams are the memories of the least god of what the artifact has gone through. This recollection is not flawless. A gleaming starmetal weapon used for assassinations will not reveal its prior masters if they treated the weapon well for example and some enchantments are meant to be hidden. Still generally they will know what it was used for in the past and its powers though particularly old artifacts will need weeks or even months to sift through all the memories.

This communion familiarizes one with the weapon enough that training a specialty in it takes only a week of using this ritual. While useful on the most basic of artifacts it fails against the complexity of magitechnological wonders which require other wisdom or brave experimentation to figure out their use.