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700 miles east of Sijan the river widens and is interupted. The top floor of a manse sticks out of the sea. A roung tower styled building this Manse has been mastered by Gods and Dragonblooded in turn. Still it has not been fought over to any serious degree as the Manse helps to regulate the waters nearby keeping them from rising too high in storms and ensureing health and fertility in the fish that live around it.

The manse itself is made of a green stone yet the entrance into it lies at the bottom of the river. The bottom two floor of the place are filled with water and only the top floor is filled with air. Yet once inside the manse the water is as breathable as air and as comfortable as a warm summer day. Pale white blue light keeps the halls visable, hanging curtains in place of doors flutter softly by sea currents and a small race of elemental crabs maintain the place from algea or other growth issues from being underwater.

Each floor has a large central room in which a great statue of an armored woman stands. She is armed in the shogunate style and old records if one could find them would tell someone that the three women are the designers of the Manse. The top floor is for relaxing and is filled with quiet bubbling pools, light able to shine in from the outside, and soft grass and flowers, the second floor is for those of martial minds. Rooms set up to train in. The bottom level is for living in. The Hearthstone itself, a Stone of Aquatic Prowess, being in the statue room of the bottom floor, on the brow of the First Queen.

This manse possesses the Magical Conveniences power, the Comfort Zone power. The other four points of power the manse would generate are desinged to be safely fed into the region to regulate the area and help maintain prosperity. This is a natural function of the place and can not be turned on or off or modified.