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Manse: ••••

The Temple of the Albumen Lotus was built during the earliest days of the Shogunate. A terrible battle had destroyed and changed the local geomancy in the area which once had supported an even more powerful Lunar Manse. In a secluded valley this manse was built to help keep the Shogunate stocked in rare and valuable plants to help maintain the inherited devices they had taken from their once Solar masters. It took 33 years to build due to a night caste in the region remaining a constant thorn for a long time before his eventual defeat at the hands of the Shogunate Army and 3 Sidereal assassins. From then on until the Great Contagion it served its duty well. However when that most terrible disease did come it wiped out all the valley dwellers. Between that, the rush of the invading Fair Folk armies, and the trouble of rebuilding this place has been mostly forgotten. Occasionally claimed by passing bandits or explorers but no one substantial until the Abyssal known as Tincture of Shadows and Precepts took up residence and claimed it after finding the Hearthstone hidden in all the plants.

Its basic design is roughly that of a ziggurat covered in trees and plants. However it does not rise up as high as most, rather only has 4 floors before no more levels come into play. Easily wide enough to handle a dozen more floors instead there is a vast area atop it which forms the greater part of the gardens. An enchented dome of glass covers the garden which is filled with flowers and small trees, bushes and walkways and the sound of songbirds. In the center of the dome lies an even smaller more ornate room which grows the rare Albumen Lotus, a valuable compenent in any device to aid in healing and a potent relaxing agent on its own when its necter is drank.

The four floors before have wide long hallways with potted and hanging plants as well as murals depicting imagry pleasing to Sextes Jylis. The personal chambers are small but comfortable while every group of living space is found near a larger wider performance area.

Hearthstone: Song of Life Stone

Powers: It has the Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis power. Magical Conveniences in the form of special ceiling flowers that light up at the clap of a hand, self opening doors, indoor plumbing such as the first age might have had, and plant furniture that can reshape itself over time. A Bound Servant Force tends the gardens and the manse. These creatures are one of the races developed with Solar science but was repeatable by the early Shogunate. It has the Provider power as well due to the ever constantly growing food stuffs. Finally it has Well-Flavored Aspect to Wood.