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The day was warm and the sun was bright overhead. Summer was well on its way in the season of Fire. On one of the fields two teens circled each other. Held tight in hand were wooden practice blades. One person was a green haired young woman from An-Teng, the other a light haired youth from the Realm. Suddenly Summer darted forward and stabbed in suddenly for one side. The man spun and met the sword with his own before turning and carrying the sword overhead and trying to lock the sword against her own where his superior strength could give him the advantage.

But as he finished the arc she suddenly pushed into it and rolled away giving herself some space between them before jumping lightly back to her feet with a smile. "Oh you don't expect me to fall for that again. You got me with that trick last week Kallias but you won't this time."

"Well I can still best you. I have more then just that trick Em." The guy smiled warmly to her as the pair started to slowly circle each other. He swung high at her, a wide sweep aiming for the temple. He was good. Fast with his moves and didn't telegraph them. Still she was just as good as ducked and darted forward at him. As he tried to change the angle of the swing she was allready moving past him and with a whack she struck at his side, landing a solid blow against his ribs as she moved past him.

The trainer watching their match called the point to Summer Snow, the two teens turning to face each other and bowing low before they went back to sit with the group to watch the next sparring match. "You didn't need to hit me so hard you know." The patrician complained to her as they sat down. She smiled to him, breathing a little heavily from the match they had.

"Oh come on I didn't hit you that hard. Barely even a tap." She said as she undid her hair and started to tie it back up into place properly.

"Next time I am not going to take it easy on you if you are going to be like this." He said with a smile at her, nudging her with an elbow while she tried to do up her hair, making her have to start over.

"Promises promises. You say that ever week wether I win or lose if we fight."

"This time I mean it."

"Shush! I want to see this match."

The two quieted down to watch the next set of matches. After the one on one sparring came the group move excercises, the class arranged in rows and columns practicing first one move over and over, then the next, repeated until their muscles were sore from repetition. The hot sun didn't help things at all either. The class was being overseen though by Lord Svathis though and that efrite did not care if they were hot and sweating. No perfection with the sword was his only concern. In fact he kept the whole class an extra 30 minutes because of how displeased with their form he was. Eventually though he did recognize their mortal needs and let them go.

"That...was torture..." Summer complained as they made their way towards the dormitories.

"I know. Why they ever let that elemental in such a position is beyond me." Kallias complained, slowly rotating one sore arm and shoulder.