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Gold and Silver Ascendant Strike

Cost: 3m, 1wp
Minimum Melee: 5
Minimum Wits: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Type: Simple(Speed 3)
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Holy, Obvious, Spousal, Knockback
Prerequisite Charms: Blazing Solar Bolt, Undecided Lunar Charm

When the sun is bright in the sky the moon is hidden from view. There is a principal to this that some couples in the First Age drew upon when developing their own unique combat techniques. This charm must be used by both Lunar and Solar on the same tick. The Solar swings their blade and a crescent of golden light fires towards a foe. Moments after it has left the Solar's blade the Lunar swings their own, tracing the back arc of the crescent and adding their own energies to the deadly mix. The energy will cut through a foe and drive them back. Moments later from behind a silver crescent of light will strike again and drive them forward.

This charm is a melee based attack. The Solar rolls Dexterity + Melee + Essence for an attack pool. It has a range of Essence x 10 yards and cannot exceed that distance. It can only be blocked or dodged with the use of Charms. It will ignore cover and shields but can not go around obstackles. Damage is Strength + Willpower + attack successes. The damage is considered Piercing. Against creatures of darkness it is also Aggravated. It will cause knockback if successfully parried short of a perfect parry. Consider the damage dice used to calculate how far it is in this case to just be Strength + Willpower. The Lunar also rolls his Dexterity + Melee + Essence for the attack but this roll is not used yet.

One tick later the second part of the charm strikes. The attack roll of the Lunar is used here. It has all the same properties as for the first strike but in addition the attack is treated as Unexpected unless the target has charms that allow them to defend against surprise attacks such as Surprise Anticipation Method or a defensive charm that is useable against unperceived attacks. Damage is treated the same as well as with Knockback. Note that to properly defend against this charm perfectly requires two uses of a perfect defense. One for each strike.