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Name: Restless Advancing Piston
Caste: Jade
Motivation: Speak with the Great Maker
Anima: A mighty Black Jade piston that rises and falls. As the anima flares more often in a scene more pistons appear and move, slamming at odd angles to make a star of working pistons.
Concept: Exploration Vessel
XP Left/Total: NPC, doesn't matter.

Strength ••••••, Charisma ••••••, Perception •••••
Dexterity •••••, Manipulation •••, Intelligence •••••
Stamina •••••••, Appearance •••, Wits ••••

Archery 5(Integrated Weapons +2), Athletics 4, Awareness 6, Bureaucracy 3, Craft 5(All Elemental), Craft 5(Magitech), Dodge 4, Integrity 5, Investigation 4, Lore 5, Medicine 3, Occult 5, Performance 4, Presence 4, Resitance 6, Sail 5, Stealth 4, Survival 5, War 4

Artifact 4(12 points, Unique cannon 4dot, 2 dot jade lamellar)
Charms 12
Class 3
Contacts 2
Eidolon 2
Savant 2

Compassion •••, Conviction •••••, Temperance ••, Valour •••
Clarity ••
Willpower •••••••••
Dedicated Charm Slots 20
General Charm Slots 20
Essence •••••••
Personal 30/6
Peripheral 67
Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit 50

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2, -2*4, -4*1, Incapacitated

General: Fourth Stamina Augmentation(-, [1m] first only), Second Dexterity Augmentation(2m/success, [1m]), Second Charisma Augmentation(2m/success, [1m]), First Manipulation Augmentation(1m/die, [1m]), First Perception Augmentation(1m/die, [1m]), Second Strength Augmentation(2m/success, [1m]), Second Wits Augmentation(2m/success, [1m]), Second Intelligence Excellency(2m/success, [1m]), Third Appearance Augmentation(4m, [1m])

Analtyic and Cognitive: Optical Enhancement(-, [2m], Flash Shutters, Cross-Phase Scanners, Diagnostic Overlay, Light-Intensification Filters, Ultraperipheral Awareness, Microscopic Lens, Telescopic Lens, Motion-Tracking Targeting Glance, Themal Vision, Soulgem Transponder Overlay, Essence Sight Oculars, Mass-Penetrating Scan, Constant), Secondary Sensory Upgrades(4m/sense type, [1m], Chemical Analysis System, Tympanal Receptor Nodes, Echolocation Navigation Systes, Expanded Input Processor), Mobile Sensory Drone(5m, [1m], Extra Drones*5, Playback, Hovering)

Combat: Electrification Onslaught Dynamo(1m+, [1m], Conductive, Godhead Bolt Emulator, Enduring Charge Accelerators), Essence Irradiation Corona(2m, Optimized Trauma Upgrade, Field Stabalization Fins), Aim-Calibrating Sensors(3m, [1m], Inward Focus Refractor), Protosynthetic Aummuntion Replicator(-, 1m or 2m, [1m], Artillery Synthesis System), Toroidal Shockwave Catalyst(4m, [1m]), Chemical Fog Generator(1m+, [1m], Tear Gass, Clandestine Toxin System, Vectored Toxin Deployment, Nerve Gas), Recursive Fractal Targeting Calculations(7m, 1wp, [1m]), Dedicated Harmonic Targeting(3m, [1m]), Impenetrable Repulsor Field(6m, [1m], Compassion), Integrated Arsenal System(-, [1m], Constant, Armory)

Labor and Unity: Synergy-Promoting Upgrade(3m, [1m], Communal Supremacy, Constant), Omnitool Implant(4m, [1m], Comprehenvise Surgical Systems, Secondary Telefactor Assembly, Creator Fugue Construction Engines([2m], Architectural Army of One), Multifunction Hypodermic Apparatus(6m, [2m], Antiseptic, Coagulant, Megabolic Accelerator, Technoetic Infusion)

Mass Combat: Hundredfold Strafing Methodology(5m, 1wp, [1m], Siege Devestation Mode), Semiotic Flare Projector(3m, 1wp, [1m], Fear Override Device, Transdivine Synergy Beacon, Tireless Army of Order, Central Command Beacon)

Social: Patriotism-Provoking Display(6m, [1m], Many is One Node, One is Many Node), Rogue Cell Isolation Protocols(4m, 1wp), Pheromone Regulation Systems(4m, [1m], Biochemical Lozenge Machine), Motovational Vocoder(12m, 1wp, [1m], Design Respinning Upgrade), Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations(5m, [1m]), Radiant Iconography Array(Chromatic Lies, Intrinsic Evocation System, Constant), Pattern Fascilitation Module(6m, 1wp, [1m], Constant), Hierarchical Dogma Lock(Herald Infuser, The Mission, Constant)

Speed and Mobility: Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus(4m, [1m]), Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device(3m), Plasma Thruster Assembly(Varies, [1m], Travel Efficiency Upgrade, Tactical Flight Upgrade), Fluidic Impeller Drive(3m, [1m]), Paramagnetic Tether Beam(5m, [1m], Recursive Force Suspension, Cohesion Buffer, Psychokinetic Reinforcement), Magnetic Joint Bearings(-, [1m], Constant, Manifold Systems Upgrade)

Spiritual: Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit([1m])*5, Multiphase Divinity Regulator(2m, [1m], Void Hammer Engine), Thermionic Orthodoxy Array(0-7m, [1m]), Integrated Mobile Sanctum([1m], Constant for one)*2

Stealth and Disguise: Optical Shroud(3m, [2m], Dynamic Cloaking Module, Sense Countering Upgrades, Kinetic Compensator, Essence Veil, Maximized Ambush Processor), Hidden Assembly Conclave(1m, 2wp, [1m], Aura-Dampening Component, Stormwall Interrupter Circuits(1-3wp, [1m])

Survival: Industrial Survival Frame(6m, [1m], Crystal, Lightning, Metal, Oil, Smoke, Steam, Sixfold Transcendence Synergy, Constant), Exoskeletal Armor Plating(-, [1m])*5(-, [2m], Constant), Subcutaneous Armor Plating*2(-, Constant), Sustenance Replication Engine(-, [1m], Consant), Harmonized Recycling Systems(-, [1m], Constant, Synthetic Alterations), Strain-Resistant Chassis Modification(-, [2m], Constant)*7, Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier(4m, Emergency Overcharger, Essence Absorption Screen), Transitory Invulnerability Engine(5m, [1m], Sustained Invunlerability Engine), Essence Shield Projector(4m, [3m], Motic Field Stabalizer, Layered Ablation Nodes), Alloyed Reinforcement of Flesh(Death-Defeating Processors, Constant), Enshrined Divinity Apparatus(4m, Constant)

Ship Body: Extensive setups make the basic design of the ship. This contains all charms that are Constant as well as all Excellencies. Because this can never be turned off it has a special Array upgrade which makes it halve the installation costs. This has a total installation cost of 11m.
Enhanced Production Fascilities: This powers up Omnitool Implant, Creator Fugue Construction Engines and the second Integrated Mobile Sanctum for a fully functioning Factory Cathedral. Cost is 3m.

Plugged In Charms
The Ship Body(11m), Secondary Sensory Upgrades(1m), Electrification Onslaught Dynamo(1m), Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus(1m), Parabolic Leap Overcharger(0m), Plasma Thruster Assembly(1m), Transitory Invulnerability Engine(1m), Enhanced Production Fascilities Array(3m), 5 Auxiliary Essence Storage Units. Total Committment is 24m.


Join Battle 10, Soak 33B/24L/20A External, 8B/6L/6A Internal, Dodge DV 16/2, Mobility Penalty -, Fatigue 0
5 Small Magnetic Rail Guns: Speed 6, Accuracy 10(+2), Damage 10L, Range 250, Rate 2, Tags -
2 Essence Cannons: Speed 7, Accuracy 12(+3), Damage 20L, Range 300, Rate 1, Tags -

Social Combat
Join Debate , Mental Dodge DV
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2

Kamek(Patriotic Love), The Crew(Fatherly Affection), Autocthon(Religious Fervor), Captain(Deep Respect), Chaplain(Bemused Amusement), Triumphant Tread of Justice(Ori caste Colosi friend), Maintanance(Pleasure)

Captain Marko Aleksi: A gruff and firm commander. In his mid fourties. Think the captain from the Hunt for the Red October
Mirthful Whirling Blades: Moonsilver Scout and informal morale officer.
Sublime Corona of Design: Protocol genius and ditz of the Orichalcum caste.
Thousand Diamond Echoes: Starmetal sensors officer.

Having been worked on by different designers and over a 50 year period, as well as to accomodate his own nature, the vessel he forms the core of is firmly of a dependable design. No holographic display screen or crystal controls, no gleaming polished chrome everywhere or bright lights illuminating every inch. No the vessel he makes up for is more cramped, no single rooms but for the Captain, and with bulheads and doors that require great wheels be turned if they are not automated to open. Designed to be adaptable the ship is loaded with more Charms than his soul can power but they are not always connected. The captain can direct this part be powered up or down, requiring manual effort within the vessel to break a circuit or unhook a connector. Trying to draw too much power at once can cause random power outages.

Communication is handled through various speakers, though it isn't flawless and voices come out crackling with static but understandable. Still the ship does have advanced parts to it. Being designed by committee it was also given spare room that can be put to use later on, and advanced construction and simulation systems to develop new charms, build them, connect them all without needing to reach a city. Their is even a specially designed Vat system but that requires a larger than usual power drain and can fit only one Champion at a time, or two if they don't mind getting very very cozy.

Living quarters are simple enough for the regular crew. Each room has two bunks set into opposite walls, allowing 4 people per room. A low table, a few stools, and a single screen in case the captain need make a ship wide announcement or something from Piston himself. The screen is usually not used in favor of the basic voicebox system. There are two of most things. The assumption was that there would be dangers and damage and compromise of systems would be expected so the vessel was designed with areas that can work as backups of most. A backup smaller command bridge near the engines, a storage bay that can serve as a mess hall, things like that. The only non-backups are the core which houses Piston himself and the main engines. If those go down the ship can use its Tether system to stay in place but otherwise repairs must be affected.

Only in Kamak could such a thing be attempted. Centuries ago he labored in the factories and worked as well ensuring that the teams that extracted and gathered the abundant natural resources around Kamak would be safe. Now he has turned service into legend. Forming the unique core of a great vessel designed to be able to move through the vast technological innards of Autocthon the hope was that if the cities moved apart they could at least remain in touch. Though hampered by mysterious and unexlained complications involving not the least of which the death of the Orichalcum Caste Champion, Fury of Progress, the great ship was eventually completed.

Now the vessel has taken on a different task than what it was originally commissioned for. It is to seek out the very heart of Autocthon and find a solution to the mounting dangers of their God and World.

Special Charm Notes
Armory: This collosi submodule makes the Alchemical able to unload weapons to arm an Essence/2 Magnitude in people.
Enduring Charge Accelerators: This submodule lets the Champion charge their body for a full tick or just charge parts of themself in case they are carrying someone.
Manifold Systems Upgrade: This allows the Champion to handle all his internal systems without decreased ability. If he is firing the Essence canons there is no penalty reduction for multiple actions.
Harmonized Recycling Systems: This charm lets the ship maintain all its vital needs for its living crew. Air is filtered and cleaned, water channeled and restored with essence scrubbers. The Synthetics Alteration submodule allows for the basic changes to be more refined. Damaged clothes can be fixed and altered, the grey paste from the Sustenance Replication Engine can be given flavor and shape and consistency.

Plot Hooks