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Special hearthstones designed to work just for warstriders and provide a bonus when used in them.

Celestial spell. Control all fires within a one mile radius.

Solar long range communication charm.

All-Encompasing Sorcerer's Understanding. Enhanced AESS. Helps with resisting charm effects and for the analization of geomancy and artifacts.

Solar Charm. Each parry the solar makes creates a duplicate sword. Each one increases his DV by up to his essence.(Can have up to his essence + melee in energy duplicates) and each one can make an attack. They can count as coordinated(treat with maximum bonus) and fade after they make an attack.

Super sharpness weapon. Ignores soak and parry and can destroy artifact weapons as easily as normal ones. Ten Ton Tetsubo, insta destroy inantimate objects.

New MA: Warp Spider Style: * Bog_Mod recommends the following basic ideas. A jump charm. Short teleport charm. Immobalize web charm. Possible insta kill on non-armored charm. Armor 'carapace' charm. 1-2 sensing charms. <kasdaye> The carapace one is good <kasdaye> Most MA trees seem to have a "gain terribly low amount of soak" charms <Bog_Mod> A double onslaught charm. <Bog_Mod> Ie, all that webbing slows em down. <Bog_Mod> An anti-demon/fae/undead charm. <Bog_Mod> And possibly a mind resisting charm. <Bog_Mod> That would about cover the field of what the warp spiders both unit and critter do. <Bog_Mod> 10 charms htere plus form.

Lunar charm to use an opponents DVs instead of their own. Charm to copy defensive charms or offensive charms of an opponent.

Solar charm to win a clinch roll. Lunar charm to break a clinch via throwing their foe off.

Lunar Perception charm. See someone, commit motes, while committed can always see target/know where they are.

Solar Athletics. Basically makes the Solar able to do all actions at speed 0. Costs HL a turn to fuel. Essence 7 region.

Solar Melee charm. Simple. On a hit lets Solar decide how much damage up to Essence * a number is dealth. Hits with such accuracy and power they can decide to cripple or merely mark a foe.

Dawn Cuts the Shadow Strike. 10m, 1wp. Unblockable, Holy, can hit the immaterial. Designed to be used against underworld/spiritual beings. On a successful wound it deals effects based on the amount of damage done. 1 damage means the target loses a point of Essence. If two are done then they lose the essence point and increase the cost of all charms by 1 point for the scene. Each damage after that cancels out a charm they have going and if none are going then starts denying them use of charms they have. The character must know what charms to cancel or can simply claim 'highest essence melee charm' or things to that effect. Should it come in contact with a spiritual object for double the motes it can shatter that object. Godly parts of their panalopy, soulsteel, demon metal.

<Bog_Mod> 1!~ DB charm that basically lets them take one elemental Hearthstone, and change it into a weaker elemental hearthstone of another type temporarily. <Bog_Mod> Possibly it will be a set of 5 charms.

<Bog_Mod> Second idea, again possibly a set of 5 charms, to make it easier for DBs to alter a desmense from one aspect to another. <Bog_Mod> Or even from Solar/Abyssal/Lunar to Terrestial.