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Some basic rules about martial arts.

  1. Martial Arts should be primarily combative charms. They can have some non-combat advantages or charms or even help with other abilities but they must be primarily a combat set of charms.
  2. Martial Art charms must come in trees. You can not have a generic martial art charm.
  3. Martial Arts charms that mix with other attributes should not be as good as charms that are based on just that ability. Eg: A Celestial Martial Art that allows you sword use and parries should when you compare minimum level of requirements be worse then an equal level charm of that skill from a Celestial.
  4. Celestial Martial Arts charms are of a level of power equivilant to that of your average lunar or sidereal charm.
  5. Terrestial Martial Arts charms are of a level of power equal to that of the terrestial charms.
  6. Sidereal Martial Arts charms are equivilant in power to Solar charms.
  7. Sidereals are the best martial artists. It is part of the setting and their schtick.
  8. Lunars have trouble with martial arts because the essence used in the shapeing of them is alien to the natural way lunars do things.
  9. Solars may make up Celestial and Terrestial styles. They do not need tutors for any martial art of these levels, flashbacks can provide all that is needed to learn one. They can only learn Sidereal Martial Arts with a teacher.
  10. Lunars are the same as solars but can not learn Sidereal Martial Arts anymore then they can master Solar Circle Sorcery. Any attempt to do so will prove futile but not lethal to a Lunar.
  11. Terrestials can learn and create Terrestial Martial Arts and with special intensive training learn Celestial Martial Arts. Trying to go beyond that will prove a lethal endevor for a Terrestial to try.
  12. Sidereals can create and learn martial arts of any level but must have mastered an entire Celestial Martial Arts tree before learning or creating a Sidereal Martial Art.
  13. Martial Arts should not let you steal another Exalted's schtick. Not even a Sidereal Martial Art will let you shapeshift to anywhere near the level of a Lunar.

As we see by these rules some things must be recalled when it comes to Solars and Martial Arts. Solar charms should be stronger then Celestial Martial Arts charms. Solar charms that are not Martial Arts will be better then Sidereal Martial Arts charms that infringe on that ability. The Solar Presence Tree for example will yield stronger charms then a Sidereal Martial Art that provided effects that would normally a Presence ability charm.

More thoughts and rules as I think them up. This list is what I think are the canon views on Martial Arts instead of what I think are my own views.