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This is completely non-canonical I know but I like it. I have always loved the special relationship between solars and lunars and the vows that pass throughtout lifetimes. As such, I thought it would be fun to have special charms that work on that principal of connection between them.

There are two types of charms that work on this principle I am making up. The first type is just a charm used by the solar or lunar separately that causes some effect. These charms are of normal strength for their exalt level. The second type of charm which is still just in the thinking of stage is a merging of the two magics the exalts use to create an effect stronger then either one could achieve alone.

One other house rule I like to use is that any charm that is based on lunar packmates can also work with a solar that is properly mated to the lunar.

Comments and Discussion

Fixed a couple small spelling things. Have you actually fully developed any charms in this theme that you could post? I'm really interested. --Tardach

Yes I have, and they are found in my lunar charms I think, not sure if I have done any from the solar side of things. -BogMod