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Like Sidereals the Lunar Exalted gain a host of abilities to go with their Exaltation. Yet instead of manipulating fate and destiny their form is something they change with the ease of changing a suit of clothing.

Upon Exaltation, though a Lunar may not realize it, every shape into any animal form from housecat to moose in size. The Lunar uses the regular physical attributes of those shapes. More religious Lunars believe that a ritual hunt should be performed before doing such but it is by no means a universal belief and not at all necessary to change forms. Furthermore certain knacks purchased provide a whole host of new shapes and forms. Humble Mouse Shape, Emerald Grasshopper Form, Towering Beast Form, Luna's Hidden Face, Prey's Skin Disguise and Laurels-And-Ivy Technique provide all appropriate shapes as soon as they are purchased.

Yet these shapes are not completely without flaw. There are some flaws aside from the issue of a Lunar's Tell. Instead they are as effective a disguise as the charm Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise. A Lunar can still be foundout by those supernatural senses or beyond human senses. Yet there is something to be said for the hunting of prey. A Lunar who does kill a creature and taste its Heart's Blood within moments of its death can take that specific creature's shape. In such a disguise it is as hard to pierce as the Solar charm Perfect Mirror.

The Lunar charm Life of the Hummingbird is also changed here. By committing 5m instead of just spending the regular uncommitted motes to shapeshift a Lunar can assume a form as flawlessly as if they had tasted its Heart's Blood.

Shapes with a more spiritual difference to them are harder for a Lunar to take. Learning Green Sun Child, Heart-Theft of the Behemoth and Hearth-and-Flame Shell does not grant every demon or elemental to them. Instead a Lunar must hunt a specific breed of demon or elemental and taste it's Heart's Blood which then lets them transform into generic examples of that kind of demon as well as that specific one. Alternatively using Life of the Hummingbird with the 5m committment would let them take the shape of any demon or elemental but only at the basic level of effectiveness.

Behemoths are entirely too unique and singular. Each such a form must be aquired on its own.

Additional knacks that exist in the FA in some form. A knack similar to Flickering Star Infusion that was aimed towards demons. When a higher level demon was consumed and this knack was known the higher soul did not lose out in any way nor was automatically aware a part of it had been killed.