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"Deny Sorcery to the Terresials? That is a bit of an extreme measure don't you think?" Two Solars were speaking quietly to each other. Hovering far above one of the great arena's of Meru, where glowing screens before them showed every move from different angles and the cushioned box reserved for them kept any noise of the crowd below from disturbing them, the two Solars were discussing an upcomming vote in the Deliberative. One of the Night Caste had put forward a motion to restrict Sorcery completely to the Celestial Exalted only. It had been seconded by one of the Twilight Caste and oddly enough seemed to have enough support for the idea to not be turned down completely out of hand.

"Triumphant, its not extreme but necessary. Sorcery is a most powerful tool. The ease at which its secrets have been spread around to whoever wishes to try to learn is a danger to Creation and a threat to our security. Do we really need those hundreds of thousands of Terrestials each holding the potential to reveal who knows what secrets to the Yozi for power? I say its too much to trust them with such a responsibility." Said one of the Eclipse Caste, a Burnished Quill by name, and one of the Golden Hero Vassals. He was doing his Caste's thing and trying to shore up support for the vote ahead of time before the speaches in the Chamber began.

"Such a security matter is more easily handled simply by who we permit to have access to important information. Personally I think the matter of the free Gentes is a greater issue to security then the worries of what they might do with the First Circle. If they could contact and release those of the Second Circle I would give your words much more consideration."

"Well if words will not convince you what would? I am owed favors and your interest in expanding your northern domain is well known. Your support here would earn you support there." It was well known that Triumphant Waves while a powerful and gifted sorcerer was also an ambitious man who enjoyed ruling and governance and was often verbal in his opinion that he was been entrusted with far less then he deserved.

"A tempting offer but please it will never pass. Queen Merela herself has made clear her opinion of the matter and I for one am not going to second guess her wisdom."

"Never changes does matter what life you live. You wonder why you are not given greater responsibilities? maybe when you have learned to step out of the Queen's shadow and stand on your own too feet you will."

The mood was suddenly cold in the gilden floating box. The two Solars, having exchanged perhaps a few words they might not have wished to under other circumstances sitting in an uncomforatable silence while watching the events below but paying no real attention to it. When dawn came and work Lu Zhin from the dream there was no one but him and White Sparrow in the room. Rolling over sleep took him again quickly and the dream faded from his mind.