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She was older now. Stronger, more powerful. She had seen millenia in her life. Now though she sat on a ledge and stared out over the domain she ruled and felt...bored. Unfulfilled. Aimless, directionless. Tiny little rebellions kept popping up as this Terrestial or that grew ungrateful of what they were given. Perhaps their might have even been some organization to their efforts but she didn't care. They were no threat. Her children were all strong and grown and placed in important positions. Her name opened doors in society. She could see it though in the eyes of some of her friends. One of them she knew had thrown herself into pleasure as a way to escape this meaningless existance and she seemed even more...hit by the pointlessness of it all.

She gazed down into the courtyard of her manse and saw her husband and sighed. Oh he loved her still it was true. She was his princess even if he never said that anymore. She had started to take offense to the term and had to punish him a few times before he learned his place. She though...she didn't care. He was just a man to her. Another person amongst many. He wasn't really important in the scheme of things. Not like she was. She was a Solar. He was merely a Lunar, a vassal, a servant. And speaking of servants...

She turned her head to the Sidereal behind her. She had kept the woman there waiting on her for one week. She had dared to imply that her management of the region wasn't going well and that the people were dissatisified. The woman's left hand was broken, the bones shattered and she had kept it in a fist through the pain for that week. "You may rise Suriza. I have decided you have been taught the humility that you have needed to learn." Somewhere inside her she wished the Sidereal would do something. Fight her, berate her, say she was failing her God. She was too she knew. She had felt his head turn from her. She didn't find herself careing though. And as Suriza kept her head low and kept any resentment from her voice she felt her blood start to boil.

"Suriza I am displeased. Life has become boring. Predictable. There is no challenge and the parties start to get dull after a while. Oh for the old days when things were new. When I was young. Pity I would have to be dead for that." Suddenly she laughed and tossed her head back, golden hair falling down her back like liquid sunlight. "Actually no I wouldn't. I need merely re-experience it through another. Like my husband did with me. Suriza, I think I am going to kill my husband." She said simply. Of course it was so simple! She would have him killed and then he would be reborn. She could experience the joys of teaching him. Oh what fun! He must be bored of all this too. Oh sure he might object to it but in his heart he wanted it she was sure.

The Sidereal woman behind her was open mouthed in shock. To see how calmly the woman, whos marriage was the subject of plays about how eternal and wonderful love was, talk about ending it like that. The Night Caste Solar stood up and walked along the railings edge with her preternatural deftness. "Summon the commander of my forces. Bring me Terin." She said. Terin was a Fire Aspect Terrestial who lead the soldiers in her lands. His loyalty was beyond doubt. He had shared her bed too often and been a slave to her charms too much to ever be anything but hers. She was still lazily wandering along the handrail as he came out to see the two Celestials.

He dropped to one knee and lowered his head. Ahh...she did love the respect he showed her. "Terin I have some terrible news. Suriza has informed me that my dear husband is a traitor. We argued and I fear I hurt her hand in my anger but the Unconquered Sun has revealed that this is the truth. For such crimes there is only one thing that can be done. Gather the troops. Kill him now in the courtyard before he can flee." She hopped down from the railing to him and lifted his head with her hand. " this for me and perhaps you shall be my new husband." She said. Her words were all honeyed lies but only Suriza saw the truth. Terin just nodded and swore he would see her will done and departed.

"Now and I shall watch. I think we should have a bet. If my husband stays and fights to the death I will...hmm...I will put you in charge of my affairs since you are so whiny about it. Now if he wins or runs and I am forced to finish him myself...then you shall attend a party with me. Desus can be a wonderful host and I am sure he will be impressed with how far I went for my husband's happiness given how close he and Lilith are." The woman stared at her wide eyed and nodded dumbly as they turned to see the Dragonblooded soldiers rushing out to attack the Lunar.

Some time later the widowed Solar was laughing. "What a fight that was! It seems you won Suriza. Now I must go and reward sweet Terin for his service. Have that Kejack fellow find my husband's new incarnation." She said as she went inside the manse. Suriza dropped to her knees as she left, tears running down her cheeks. She saw the pain in the Lunar's eyes when he looked up, fighting for his life to see his wife high above, and all she did was wave and blow him a kiss as Soldiers he had helped train now tried to cut him down. It was like watching a soul die from sorrow. Yet the Solar just laughed at what happened. Laughed! Why...why had they turned into the very demons they had imprisoned? What could save the world from these tyrants?