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It was perhaps 20 years before the start of what would become known as the Time of Cascading Years and the Iron Wolf Ashima was in a chair watching the sun come up over the mountains. She was wrapped in a thick blanket to keep the morning chill away and nestled softly in her arms was a baby sleeping contentedly in her mothers arms. The new mother smiled gently and whispered a soft prayer to the Unconquered Sun to watch over her child and that the troubles Creation faced might not trouble the Five Mountain's River Circle within their mountain manse. Having Exalted in the later part of the Thousand Struggles Era her exalted life had mostly been confined to this manse. Her circlemates all had at least a few centuries of experience on her. In fact most of the Gens that were in the area had more experience then her. Her Lunar mate at least a millenia on her and yet they were deeply in love as this child in her arms showed.

As she sat with her child she heard the footfalls of two others approaching. Fine chairs pulled over to sit nearby her as her two solar sisters, her circlemates, sat down with her. To her left was Yasalin, the black haired Twilight looking less severe then she often did. To her right sat down the ever graceful Eclipse Aurica. "Where is my husband? Where are Forin and Triumphant Horizon?"

Aurica spoke up with a soft smile. "I believe Forin and Horizon are currently with Rinazi. Doing some sort of man stuff bonding or whatever over you and he having a child." She smiles a touch. "My Gens is allready competing amongst themselves for the honor of guarding and taking care of her."

Ashima smiled a bit and shook her head. "That won't be necessary. Not yet at least I mean...we don't really leave this manse and the area around it and no one has tried to attack us here since...well since we moved hear after the murders by the White Jade Feather Society. Besides I am in no rush to give her up to anyone else to take care of." She smiled gently to the Silver Child in her arms. "I decided her name. My mother's name. Yula."

"Its a beautiful name." Yasalin said to her and reached out to softly put an hand on the Night Caste's shoulder, leaning in to look a bit more closely at the child. Yasalin herself had no children and honestly had no interest in having any herself. However she did like children and was always kind to those she met. "That was always a touchy point between Myr and Rinazi. She didn't want any while he did. Of course that meant that they didn't have any so I am sure your husband will be walking on the firmament for some time now."

"I know I didn't really ask about this...but could you two tell me about her? Myr I mean." She smiled gently to the child in her arms and cooed softly to her, opening her robe up to let the child drink. Aurica exchanged a look with Yasalin before she spoke up, the Twilight taking the lead.

"Myr was a product of the times. Her predecessor, Triumphant Waves, died shortly before Facet Raven in a sorcerous accident in the western islands. Things were allready deteriorating when she Exalted and I think perhaps she was a bit disillusioned with life as a Solar given how things were. Since she couldn't have the life she had dreamed of she grew bitter. She was demanding of Rinazi and eager in her work. Her intense nature served her very well in her work as an assassin. She was meticulous in her plans and unfailing in their executions. She didn't bond too well with us though."

Yasalin nodded and picked up the tale. "She was very businesslike. Previous lives had treated us like dear friends but with her things were more like coworkers. She had loyalty and duty but little sincere feeling. Now don't get me wrong Ashima we liked her well enough but she wasn't Triumphant Waves. I think we learned from her perhaps too late that we shouldn't treat reincarnations as those they were but instead we should treat them like an old friend you haven't seen in many years and need to grow close with anew."

"That explains how everyone treated me when I arrived here after you picked me up Yasalin." Ashima murmered softly. Her eyes though were on the child quietly nursing at her chest. Though the other two women told her more of the previous centuries as Myr she didn't listen instead she was in her own world where there was just her, her child and the sun watching them both.