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Name: Laughing Latrani
Caste: Changing Moon
Concept: Joker warrior
Anima: A coyote.
Spirit Form: Coyote
XP Left/Spent: 20/1140

Strength •••••, Charisma ••••, Perception •••••
Dexterity •••••(Close Combat +3), Manipulation •••(Taunts +3), Intelligence •••
Stamina •••••, Appearance •••••, Wits ••••

Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Craft 3(Sculpture +2), Dodge 5, Integrity 5, Investigation 4, Larceny 5, Linguistics 3, Lore 2, Martial Arts 5(Staves +3), Medicine 3, Melee 5, Occult 3, Performance 5, Presence 3, Resistance 4, Ride 3, Socialize 4 Survival 5, Stealth 5, Thrown 3, War 3

Allies 1
Artifact 4(Fancy Wrackstaff)
Artifact 2(Moonsilver Lamellar)
Followers 2
Heart's Blood 3
Mentor 2
Solar Bond 3

Compassion ••••, Conviction ••, Temperance ••, Valor •••
Virtue Flaw Curse of the Whipped Dog
Willpower ••••••••••
Essence •••••
Personal 25
Peripheral 56

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2, -2*6, -4*1, Incapacitated



Deadly Beastman Transformation [5m]: Grants +1 to all physical attributes and cheap use of Gift charms for duration of form, plus mutations.
--War Form Mutations: Chameleon [+2 to Stealth rolls involving sight], Acute Senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell [+2 dice to Perception roll using those senses], Fur [+1L/+1B Soak, +1 Survival to endure harsh weather], Tail [+2 to Athletics rolls for balance], Talons [+2L lethal unarmed attacks]
--Gift Charms: Claws of the Silver Moon [3m: Unarmed attacks at Speed 5, Accuracy +5, Damage +5L/6, Defense +0, Rate 3], Keen Sight Technique [1m activates all, +2 successes to Perception rolls], Heightened Sense Method [2m activates all, doubles perception rolls before any success-removers] Internal Form Mastery [--]: You may use your natural Dexterity in any form rather than being limited to the Dexterity of the form you take (such as a tortoise's Dex 1).
Prey's Skin Disguise: You may hunt humans for their shapes.
Towering Beast Form: You are permitted to hunt shapes larger than a horse and add them to your library.
Mountainous Spirit Expression: Your Spirit Shape doubles in size - a coyote the size of a large wolf.
Emperor Ox Expansion: +1 willpower spent when taking your Coyote form makes you a gigantic coyote, adding Essence to Strength and Soak values, or making you a Magnitude [Essence] unit in mass combat, equivalent to a small army.
Twin-Faced Hero: You may take a male or female form, at your choice, for any shape in your library.
Hybrid Body Transformation: You may emulate any mutation in your library in any form, at the cost of 1m per pox, 2m per affliction, 4m per blight, and 6m per abomination, not committed.
Laurels and Ivy Technique: By meditating among a type of plant for 12 hours, you may acquire its' shape and become a plant of approximately equal mass to your normal form. You suffer a -2 internal penalty on rolls to perceive your surroundings when in plant form, and are considered Inactive for the purposes of combat. But who would suspect a tree of being a Lunar? Lightning Change Style<b>: <b> defense of meaningless shape<b>:The Lunar shifts chaotically in response to oncoming attacks, instantly regrowing replacement limbs or simply dividing her body in half down the middle like an amoeba, whatever confuses and horrifies her opponents the most. This is effectively a perfect dodge, with a unique flaw of invulnerability – when the Lunar returns from her half formed state she possesses a single lingering negative mutation appropriate to her Spirit Shape or the creatures in her Heart’s Blood library. She may use Hybrid Body Rearrangement to rid herself of unwanted mutations in her own action. Defence of Meaningless Shape costs 4m 1wp to use and has an instant duration. <b> Luna's Hidden Face<b>:

<b> Humble Mouse shape<b>:

<b> Emerald Grasshopper Form<b>

<b> Becoming The Swarm <b>

<b> Swarm Becomes the Herd <b>


<b>Third Appearance Excellency [4m]: Double your Appearance for a static value, or reroll an Appearance roll.
Perfect Symmetry [4m]: For the remainder of the scene, you may gain up to a +6 bonus to MDV or impose up to a -6 penalty on MDV for superior Appearance in social combat.
Hide of the Cunning Hunter [2m]: Hide any and all tattoos, distinguishing marks, and other identifying features except the Tell.


First Charisma Excellency [1m/die]: Add dice to a Charisma roll, up to +Charisma dice
Dog-Tongue Method [1m, 1wp]: Speak with and understand animals for the duration of the scene, permitting social attacks against them.
Charismatic Lunar Trick[6m]: Natural mental influence attempt becomes Unnatural, no longer subject to the willpower per scene limit.
Instinct Memory Insertion [3m]: When telling someone something via this charm, they receive [+Charisma] dice on all efforts to remember it.
Rapid-Speech Technique [1m/-1]: Reduce multiple action penalties on a social roll by -1 per mote spent Outworld-Forsaking Stance [3m]: This charm has two uses. When a Creature of Darkness uses mental influence on you, you may use this charm as a perfect mental parry, with the Flaw of Invulnerability "Only works against a Creature of Darkness". When a Creature of Darkness physically attacks you, you may use this charm to add Charisma to your defense value against said Creature of Darkness.
Perfect Fear Scent [5m]: With a social attack supplemented by this charm, you inflict an unnatural Emotion of Fear in regards to a subject of your choice. Anyone who does not successfully resist is subject to this emotion and afraid of what you direct them to fear.
Mind-Blanking Fear Technique [5m, 1wp]: Make a social attack, adding Essence dice, against your target; if successful, they believe a memory of your choice is false, a dream, or otherwise unreal, and gain an Intimacy to that effect. They may resist the illusion for a scene for 1wp, but must do so every scene they wish to recall the memory as true until they break the intimacy.
Face of the Moon Concealment [2m]: When concealing a mass combat unit for ambush or to disguise its' intentions, you may reduce its' Magnitude by your Essence for the roll, making it easier for the army to hide or feign indifference.


First Dexterity Excellency [1m/die]: Add dice to a Dexterity roll, up to +Dexterity dice
Flawless Dexterity Focus [--]: Permits the purchase of Dexterity specialties.
Secure Cat Stepping [1m]: Reduces the DV penalty of an action by 1 [Attacking, for example, reduces your DV by 1 until your next action]. When used in Fury, reduces all actions' DV penalties by 1.
Finding the Needle's Eye [2m or 3m]: Spend 2m, roll Dexterity+(attacking ability) against a difficulty of a ranged attacker's Dexterity. If you succeed, you may reduce the raw damage you take [before soak] by the damage of your own attack. For 3m, you may use this to defend an ally.
Golden Tiger Stance [2m]: Used in response to an attack, this negates up to [Dexterity] points of penalties your DVs may suffer, such as from onslaught, coordinated attacks, or your own actions. Used in Fury, you ignore [Dex/2] points of penalties to your DVs for the duration of the Fury.
Wary Swallow Method [1m]: Used in response to an unexpected attack, this removes that quality, permitting you to defend normally.
Wind-Dancing Method [3m]: Activated after an attack, this is activated in place of a counterattack and moves you [Dexterity+Dodge] yards away from your attacker, potentially breaking a flurry.
Flowing Body Evasion [4m]: Perfect dodge, ensures an attack does not hit. Foot-Trapping Counter [2m]: Activated when in hand-to-hand combat with an opponent, roll Dexterity+Athletics against their Dexterity. Success prevents them from taking move actions to escape close combat; however, reflexive movement such as Wind-Dancing Method still works.
Instinct Driven Beast Movement [4m+]: Increase your speed by a factor of the motes spent on this charm divided by 4. Therefore with 4m committed, double your speed. 8m, triple it. 12m, quadruple it, and so on.
Furious Hound Pursuit [4m]: Choose a target whom you have seen in the last hour. As long as you chase them, your speed becomes one yard per tick faster than their speed, regardless of any sorcery, charms, and artifacts that may increase their speed. This lasts for one scene, or until you stop chasing them if you spend 1 willpower.
Flight of the Sparrow [3m]: You may move and dash at double speed when trying to escape pursuit, combat, or a specific scene or area. Outside of combat, you double your long-term movement rate and add [Dexterity] successes to any attempt to escape a pursuer.
Pack and Flock Guidance [--]: This enhances Furious Hound Pursuit and Flight of the Sparrow. For +1wp, you may enhance other people with it, up to Magnitude of [Essence -1]. Mist Walking Prana [10m, 1Wp]: Roll Dexterity+Occult against a difficulty based on the local Wyld strength; 4 in Bordermarches, 3 Middlemarches, 2 Deep Wyld, and 1 Pure Chaos. Meeting the difficulty lets you move one mile. Every success above the difficulty lets you move 10x as far, or increase the Magnitude of people accompanying you by 1. Therefore with 5 successes in the Deep Wyld [2 successes], you could lead a group of up to 10 people [1 success] 100 miles in the span of five minutes.


First Manipulation Excellency [1m/die]: Add up to +Manipulation dice to a Manipulation roll, at 1m per die.
Flawless Manipulation Focus [--]: Permits the purchase of Manipulation specialties False Burrow Pursuit [4m]: You may make something appear incredibly important. Roll a Manipulation social attack. On a success, the target decides that whatever you make them notice is of utmost importance. What exactly they decide is important about it is up to them.
Mirror Sight Dismay [5m]: Make a Manipulation social attack against someone to convince them that one thing they believe is factually incorrect. This can only target specific beliefs, such as "the Realm is a just and honest society" or "Lu Zhin is a sexy man".


First Perception Excellency [1m/die]: Just like the others.
Wyld-Sensing Instincts [3m, 1wp]: When charm is active, you may roll Perception+Awareness to locate and identify the nearest Wyld zone, the strongest wyld zone, and the most dangerous wyld zone, within [successes] miles.


Ox-Body Technique [--]: Adds health levels.
Ox-Body Technique [--]: Adds health levels.
Relentless Lunar Fury [1m, 1wp]: Permits you to enter a fury for [Essence x2] actions, adding 1 success to all combat rolls, increasing your physical excellency dice cap to [Att+Ess] instead of just [Attribute], and activate Fury-OK charms for 2m apiece.
--Fury-OK Charms: Secure Cat Stepping [-1 to DV penalty of all actions], Golden Tiger Stance [Reduce DV penalties by 1/2 Dexterity]


Claws of the Silver Moon [4m, 1wp]: Makes your unarmed attacks glow with silver essence as they become vicious claws and fangs, adding +Strength+2 to damage, +Dexterity to accuracy, and giving the Overwhelming tag with a minimum damage of [Essence +1]

Lunar Hero Style

Rabid Beast Attitude [1m]: For [Essence] actions, ignore 1 point of wound penalties.
Thousand Claw Infliction [1m]: Ignore the Rate limitation on your attacks, permitting more than 3 attacks in a nonmagical flurry.
Lunar Hero Form [6m]: When Lunar Hero Form is activated [as a 5 tick Simple action, lasts the scene], you may ignore 1 point of DV penalty from Onslaught, 2 points from coordinated attacks, and double the dice bonus from stunts based on attacking from odd angles.
Snake Body Technique [3m, 1wp]: Activated in Step 2 [before perfects], if you successfully defend against an attack with your Dodge or Parry DVs, the target hits themselves instead. Every success they roll adds to the raw damage of their attack against themselves.

Combo 1: Thousand Claw Infliction + First Dexterity Excellency
Combo 2: Flowing Body Evasion + Snake Body Technique

Deadly Beastman Transformation +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Stamina
Mutations: Claws, Fur, Enhanced Senses(Sight, Hearing, Smell), Night Vision, Wolf’s Pace, Chameleon


Join Battle 7, Soak 5B/2L/0A or 14B/10L/8A, Hardness 0 or 5B/5L/5A, Dodge DV 15/2, Fatigue 0, Mobility Penalty 0
Fist: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 3B, Parry DV 12/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 6B, Parry DV 8/2, Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 3B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags N, P, C
Claws of the Silver Moon - Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 16, Damage 8L/6L, Parry DV 12/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Claws of the Silver Moon - Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 15, Damage 11L/6L, Parry DV 8/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Claws of the Silver Moon - Clinch: Speed 5, Accuracy 15, Damage 8L/6L, Parry DV -, Rate 3, Tags N, P, C
Moonsilver Wrackstaff- Pointy: Speed 4, Accuracy 16, Damage 7L, Parry DV 16/2, Rate 3, Tags 2, M, P, R
Moonsilver Wrackstaff- Blunt: Speed 4, Accuracy 16, Damage 15B, Parry DV 16/2, Rate 3, Tags 2, M, R

Spirit Form Combat
Join Battle , Soak , Dodge DV , Fatigue , Mobility Penalty
Natural Attack Speed , Accuracy , Damage B, Parry DV , Rate , Tags N

DBT Combat
Join Battle 7, Soak 7B/4L/0A or 16B/12L/9A, Hardness 0 or 5B/5L/5A, Dodge DV 16/2, Fatigue 0, Mobility Penalty 0
Fist: Speed 5, Accuracy 12, Damage 4B, Parry DV 13/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 7B, Parry DV 9/2, Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 11, Damage 4B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags N, P, C
Claws of the Silver Moon - Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 17, Damage 9L/6L, Parry DV 13/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Claws of the Silver Moon - Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 16, Damage 12L/6L, Parry DV 9/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Claws of the Silver Moon - Clinch: Speed 5, Accuracy 16, Damage 9L/6L, Parry DV -, Rate 3, Tags N, P, C
Moonsilver Wrackstaff- Pointy: Speed 4, Accuracy 17, Damage 8L, Parry DV 17/2, Rate 3, Tags 2, M, P, R
Moonsilver Wrackstaff- Blunt: Speed 4, Accuracy 17, Damage 16B, Parry DV 17/2, Rate 3, Tags 2, M, R

Social Combat
Join Debate , Mental Dodge DV
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2

White Sparrow(Love)



Plot Uses