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Isis-Series Automatons

Artifact •••••

Often a favored choice to gaurd Lunar tombs these potent machines are both artistic relics in honor of Luna and ensure that the respected dead stay undisturbed. When inactive they take the form of silver and moonsilver spheres about a half yard wide. Slowly rotating the sphere is marked with light catching intricate designs and at first glance one may just take them to be artistic objects. When activated by unauthorized presences they unfold into 3 yard tall vaguely humanoid figures with long moonsilver limbs and frames.

Nigh indestructable they are merciless in action to drive off and eliminate intruders with their sharp moonsilver blades. They are fast and fierce and impressively adaptive to their oponents abilities. When the battle is over they remove the bodies and clean up only to return to their quiet floating ball form. Even if bested in battle they merely curl back up into the ball to recharge themselves with only the most potent magics able to permanently destroy them.