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Manse Level: •••••

From the outside manse is crafted of white marble stone. Its design when seen from above is of a circle with a line pushing from the center to outside the circle. The very center is a grand tall tower which is domed upon the top. The circle walls which are thick enough to host their own chambers and such have five smaller towers situated evenly along them. At the end of the line that leaves the circle which is where the main entrance to the manse is also bosts a towered structure. Each tower boasts a dommed ceiling which lets in the light. The entire inner path connecting the center tower to the outer wall has a mosaiced skylight which when sunlight, moonlight or starlight shines upon depicts ancient battles. The inner grounds of the manse have white stone pathways leading around gardens and pools of clear water.

The walls have many great windows permitting light to shine into every room of the manse except for the basement ones. A vast structure it has room for dozens if not hundreds of guests able to live comfortably. At night golden candles light to illuminate the inner rooms. Doors swing open silently for those who approach them. Within the library one need only out conditions of the book you seek and a white sigil will form on the spines of any of the books that meet your criteria. Any room can be modified in terms of temperature to a degree. The temperate southern temperate climate the manse rests in keeps there from being extreme temperature changes this manse could not regulate but minor changes to cool or warm can easily be modified. This is done through cooled soft breezes or for the warming light of candles and fireplaces to do more then just provide warm golden glows. One can even summon up music of any kind in the manse so long as a copy of the music sits in its library in the central tower.

The rooms are lusciously furnished with art, cushions, chairs, and all the amentities a God-king of the First Age could desire for comforts and lush living. Bath's with clean water and variable temperatures. Chambers dedicated to worship or meditation. Sparing chambers for excercise and more. It truely is the perfect place one can slip away to just to get away from it all. There are even places where lifts can carry you between floors rather then climb all the stairs. Far atop the great main central tower is the Hearthstone chamber where upon a centrail dais the stone can sit basking in the energies of the Manse and sun as it forms a Gemstone of Perfect Mobility.

Such a place might normally attract many a visitor but the subtle working of its shape and the land lets only the worthy find and gaze upon it. All others do not even notice themselves looking away and missing it. The pools and gardens are also host to a variety of plants formed through magical sciences of ages past produce a variety of fruits and vegetables wonderous to taste and many of them different from any one could hope to find outside the manse itself. One of the most succulent fruits grows from the golden vines that one can find hugging the inner walls of the central grounds area. Even more amazingly a spirit of bound light and wind, a minor god in fact, serves the manse and the Hearthstone bearer serving as an aid, a companion, a butler and all the things one might wish for in a servant though it is not a great fighter. It can be male or female, its basic shape modified by the stonebearer's will but always looks slightly luminescant and golden.

Game Effects: The manse posseses Greater Veil of Shadows on all not attuned to it. The modified plants grow off light and essence and filter both water and air allowing groups of up to Magnitue 6 to live within the manse and be provided for in comfort. The bound servitor, the minor diety Laranath, is a perfect aid and was once a minor aide amongst the Bureau of Destiny, serving in the Cerulean Lute of Harmony in Heaven before reassignment millenia ago to this manse. The God may have been upset at its no posting but was changed along with its reassignment and now lives only to fulfill the will of the Hearthstone bearer. The manse also posses a variety of basic amenities to make live in its walls pleasent.