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Once in the east, in lands that have in this second fallen age been consumed by the Wyld was an estate owned by a little known, compared to many of his peers, Dawn Caste Solar. Dorhan ol Sohim was his name. His first incarnation had been active in the war with the Primordials and his second died again early in the First Age against the dangers that still existed in the world. His third incarnation lasted much longer and it was that incarnation that really gained him fame.

Dorhan had a talent. Like many of the Solars there were those who excelled beyond even their fellow peers at paticular skills or tasks. Kal Bax had no match as a master of manse construction for example. Dorhan had a gift for military training and instruction. Amongst those who became known for their military successes they all had learned under him and still came by to pick up new tips and pointers. His ideas and military theories only went so far in his hands but others could look at them and be inspired and do so much more. His main job in the First Age was in the training of the Dragon Blooded legions.

There were many military academies throughout the Realm back then. He tried to visit them when he could but between governence of his territories, time at the Deliberative, his own personal time and of course training the Host of the Dragons he could not make it to those other places all that much. What he was known to do, though it was little advertised, was he had his own place where those who came by he would be willing to just hash out military ideas and tactics. He had chambers filled with his theories and ideas and hypothetical situations. He had copies of almost all known writings on the subject of war and each one was stored somewhere in his libraries and contained his own hand writted notes all over them.

Few of the Celestial Exalted stayed long at his estate though they were always welcome to visit. Those who considered themselves the greatest of Generals, wether in navies, sky forces or land forces or many other forms of military engagement still made a point though to visit him every now and then and review what he had written since their last visits or just talk with him, always leaveing a little bit better then when they arrived. There was always a few enterprising young Dragon Blooded or elder Dragon Blooded at his place. They helped take care of it and soak up his military teachings.

When the Ursupation came the Legions he had trained were the most effective in the elimination of the Solars. His own territories taken over by the Shogunate afterwards his estate became the domain of one of the Dragon Blooded Daimyos. Though it was a treasure trove of military knowledge it too never had the fame of many of the other institutions. When the Fae came those who owned it went to war and were consumed along with their brothers. The Wyld washed over the Hall of Resplendant War and was thought lost. Those few who knew of its true potential mourning it.

The truth though is somewhat different. Like many of the private manses and first age factories cathedrals this place was protected and warded against the Wyld. Its trove of military lore mostly intact. The greatest individual treasure amongst the many works within is Dorhan's personal military book. He like many other Generals of the time had helped write the definitive work on military warfare and tactics and his was a copy of it. His however was almost as full with personal notes as it was actual text. Though no one ever used it but he and he never could fully benifit from his own genius and ideas now in the second age someone with this book could learn so much from it.

The book counts as an artifact in terms of its powers its own right though it looks rather unremarkable on the outside. Someone who had it and could study from it at least an hour a day would benifit a great deal from it. They would treat their War rating as being 2 dots higher then it is so long as they had studied it every day for a week prior. They could improve their War rating as if it were favored and even learn charms which they normally did not have enough of a War score for but do thanks to the book. Inspired by the works they would treat the difficulties of all War rolls for a month after reading as 1 lower to a minimum of difficulty 0.