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Name: Gracious Yasmine
Aspect: Wood
Motivation: Make the North greener.
Concept: Medic
House: Outcaste
Anima: Thorny brambles
XP Unspent/Spent: 4/220

Strength •••, Charisma •••, Perception •••
Dexterity ••••, Manipulation ••, Intelligence ••••
Stamina ••, Appearance •••, Wits •••

Archery 5(Aiming +2), Athletics 2, Awareness 1, Bureaucracy 3, Craft 3(Air, Water, Wood)(Cooking +2), Dodge 5(Keeping Distance +2), Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Linguistics 1(Skytongue, High Realm), Lore 4, Medicine 5(Wounds +1, Check up +1), Occult 1, Performance 4, Presence 2, Resistance 2, Ride 4, Socialize 3(Being a Confidant +3), Survival 4(The cold north +2)

Allies 3(Grandfather Dragonblood)
Breeding 1
Resources 2(Pay from the Captain)

Compassion •••, Conviction ••, Temperance ••, Valor ••
Willpower ••••••
Essence •••

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2,-2*2, -4*1, Incapacitated

Archery: First Archery Excellency(1m/2dice), Dragon-Graced Arrow(1m)
Craft: First Craft Excellency(1m/2dice +1m)
Dodge: Third Dodge Excellency(4m), Threshold Warding Stance(2m), Hopping Firecracker Evasion(3m)
Lore: First Lore Excellency(1m/2dice +1m)
Medicine: First Medicine Excellency(1m/2dice), Infection-Banishing Prana(1m), Disease-Banishing Technique(4m, 1wp), Wound-Closing Touch(2m/hl converted, 1wp)
Performance: First Performance Excellency(1m/2dice)
Presence: First Presence Excellency(1m/2dice +1m)
Socialize: First Socialize Excellency(1m/2dice +1m), Sweeten-the-Tap Method(2m), Wise Counciled Confidence Exchange(3m)
Survival: First Survival Excellency(1m/2dice), Hostile Environment Preparation Method(3m +1m/companion)



Join Battle , Soak , Dodge DV , Mobility Penalty , Fatigue
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV , Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV , Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P

Social Combat
Join Debate , Mental Dodge DV
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2

Airship crew, the Captain, her Grandfather, her daughter

Gracious Yasmine is an attractive woman to be sure. She is tall and fit as one expects of northern women. Her hair she keeps short around her shoulders and is dark with the faintest of green highlights to it to show the woman's faint aspect markings. She dresses appropriately for the northern climate and will be quick to put a jacket or such around someone's shoulders if she thinks they aren't taking the cold weather seriously enough. Though late 30s in age, looks in her prime. She has a talent for listening and amongst the crew of the airship she works on everyone comes to her to talk about things as she is a great confidant.

Gracious Yasmine comes from Wallport. Her Grandfather is a talented Dragonblooded Immaculate Monk that broke his vows there many years ago with a woman who eventually bore a son who would become Yasmine's father. She has been married once, a marriage of convenience and gain for her family. Her husband killed in a hunting accident, her family was going to push the now widowed and single mother into another marriage. Yet when the dashing skycaptain came calling she decided to give that up. She hopes that her daughter Blossom, a fire aspect, will find a better life without her rather then the conflicts that can come up from not being the child of the new husband. On the ship she is the medic and the cook for the crew.

Familial Descent

Plot Hooks