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Name: Gano Yina
Aspect: Earth
Motivation: Serve Dorhan ol-Sohim
Concept: Sleeping servant.
Gentes: Gano
XP Left/Spent: Used the DB creation rules from the Dreams book plus more..

••••••, Charisma •••••, Perception •••••
Dexterity ••••••, Manipulation ••••, Intelligence •••••
Stamina •••••, Appearance ••••, Wits •••••

Archery 2, Athletics 6(Acrobatics +3), <b>Awareness
6(Listening 2, Ambushes 1), Bureaucracy 4, Craft 3, Dodge 6(Stable terrain 2, Multiple Opponents 1), Integrity 6(Distractions 3), Investigation 2, Larceny 2, Linguistics 4, Lore 5(Essence Theory 1), Martial Arts 6(Punches 3), Medicine 6(Terrestials 3), Melee 6(Kata 3), Occult 5(Elemental Powers 2), Performance 2, Presence 4, Resistance 6(Holding a position 2), Ride 2, Sail 1, Socialize 4, Survival 6(Finding plants +1), Stealth 4, Thrown 1, War 5(Tactics 1, Strategy 1)

4(0 in the Second Age)
FA Breeding 5(See my house rules)
Savant 2
Arsenal 2(She has personal equipment at this level but can't supply people anymore in the Second Age)
Resources 4(0 in the Second Age)
Backing 3(Her Gentes, 0 in the Second Age)
Command 1(0 in the Second Age)
Mentor 5(0 in the Second Age)
Repuation 2(0 in the Second Age)
Retainers 3(0 in the Second Age. In the First Age she has 2 young Dragonblooded serving her when she is awake)

••, Conviction •••••, Temperance •••, Valor ••
Willpower ••••••••
Essence ••••••
Personal 21
Peripheral 53

Health Levels 0*1, -1*6,-2*6, -4*1, Incapacitated

First Athletics Excellency(1m/2dice), Effortlessly Rising Flame(1m), Falling Star Maneuver(1m/2dice), Belows Pumping Stride(1m or 2m)
Bureaucracy: First Bureaucracy Excellency(1m/2dice)
Dodge: First Dodge Excellency(1m/2dice), Threshold Warding Stance(1m), Hopping Firecracker Evasion(2m), Virtuous Negation Defense(2m), Safety Among Enemies(3m, 1wp), Elemental Defense Technique(5m), Smoldering Karma Strike(3m), Unassailable Body of Earth Defense(4m, 1wp)
Integrity: First Integrity Excellency(1m/2dice), Oath of Ten-Thousand Dragons
Lore: First Lore Excellency(1m/2dice), Elemental Concentration Trance(5m, 1wp), Eternal Mind Meditation(2m, 1wp), Elemental Empowerment Meditation(1+wp), Elemental Succor Method(5m and 1wp/1lhl; 2m/hl), Elemental Bolt Attack(1m/2L)
Martial Arts: First Martial Arts Excellency(1m/2dice), Boulder-Crushing Grasp(3m), Sliding Glacier Grip(4m, 1wp), Pillar of Marble Stance(1+m), Fortress of One(3m per 1L&1B), Jade Mountain Form(6m), Pasiap Still Stands(1m per 2B or 2L), Falling Rockslide Onslaught(4m, 1wp)
Medicine: First Medicine Excellency(1m/2dice), Infection-Banishing Prana(1m), Disease-Banishing Technique(2m), Wound-Closing Touch(2m/lhl converted, 1wp), Grievous Wound Alteration Energy(3m and 1wp/ahl converted), Madness-Analysing Stare(3m), Purity of Mind Method(5m, 1wp), Jade-Crucible Method(Special, 1wp), Most Beneficent Seed of the Five Dragons(8m, 1wp), Transcendant Gaian Harmoney(Wood)
Melee: First Melee Excellency(1m/2dice), Terrestial Melee Reinforcement(1m/die +1m/ally), Portentious Comet Deflecting Mode(3m), Dragon-Graced Weapon(1m), Ghost-Fire Blade(2m or 4m), Refining the Inner Blade(3m, 1wp), Threshing Floor Technique(2m +1m/ally), Ringing Anvil Onslaught(8m), Ordained Talon of Draconic Fury
Occult: First Occult Excellency(1m/2dice), Terrestial Circle Sorcery(1wp), Spirit-Detecting Mirror Technique(2m), Spirit-Grounding Shout(5m), Spirit Shredding Attack(4m)
Resistance: First Resistance Excellency(1m/2dice), Ox-Body Technique*4, Strength of Stone Technique(2m/person), Mountain Toppling Method(4m), Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation(1m/2B&2L)
Survival: First Survival Excellency(1m/2dice), Nature's Healing Bounty(1m/2dice), Hostile Environment Preparation Method(3m +1m/companion), Well-Tended Garden of the Soul
War: First War Excellency(1m/2dice), Terrestial War Reinforcement(1m/die +1m/ally), Enfolded in the Dragon's Wings(1m/ally)



<b>Join Battle
, Soak , Dodge DV , Mobility Penalty , Fatigue
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV , Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV , Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P
Point Of Reflection: Speed 4, Accuracy 16, Damage 12L, Parry DV 13/2, Rate 3, Tags -

Social Combat</b>
<b>Join Debate
, Mental Dodge DV
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2

Her Gentes, Her Duty to the Solars, Dorhan ol-Sohim

<b>Description</b> Not my work but check out this guys stuff. Anyways, about an idea of her looks and behold her shaping some earth element.

Young Yina has always served Dorhan ol-Sohim, the greatest trainer of armies and soldiers in the first age. The Gano gentes has long served him even after his first few deaths following the Primordial War. When she was young and newly Exalted he decided to take her and see just what could be made of the lowly Terrestial when given proper training. She has received extensive training by him using a variety of charms beyond the simple powers of Tiger Warrior Training. She has also slept in stasis when he was not training her with new charms and in new techniques. She is potent and strong. More potent then many who have years on her thanks to his charms. Still she does not know how to wield Celestial Martial Arts. He shied away from that area feeling that inducting one into that sort of martial lifestyle would be contrary to the soldier he was trying to develop.

<b>Familial Descent</b>
Her blood remains undiluted by mortals in any way.

<b>Plot Hooks</b>