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The 4 Tree Manse can lie within any wooded area. It is a strange clearing within whatever kind of forest or jungle its in and in the center has 4 huge great trees such as one might find in the far far east. At the base of three of the trees named are carved into them with a circle around each pair. Each of the three trees has a different pair of names carved in for you see each time a pair of names is added its from a particular solar and lunar pair. In the first age these two planted the first two trees and carved their names into the base of one. They swore they would always be together, and whenever one died so would the other end their own life as well so they could both reincarnate and drawn by their memories and feelings and vows meet and marry. Then they would return to the trees and plant a new tree and carve their initials in the older tree that had yet to bare their new names.

This manse uses a complex form of sorcery to achieve an adaptive geomancy. The landscape slowly alters itself around the trees so they require no tending to keep the manse working properly. The trees themselves have rooms and corridors formed within them, making the place a perfectly habitable place for anyone. Each time a tree is added though the manse the aspect of the place changes from Solar to Lunar and back again. When the first 2 were planted the place was a solar manse. Then lunar, and now solar yet again. The adaptive geomancy of the place and their deep emotions have created a powerful resonance that is slowly increasing the power of the manse. It is now a level 3 solar manse and my have whatever stone the ST or player feels appropriate.