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Name: Forged Brazen Bulwark
Caste: Jade
Motivation: Wipe out the Gremlins
Anima: A vast factory that looks a lot like a miniature version of Autocthon's forge in Yu-Shan.
Concept: Doctor of science!
XP Left/Total: NPC!

Strength •••••, Charisma ••••, Perception ••
Dexterity •••••, Manipulation ••, Intelligence •••••
Stamina •••••, Appearance •••••, Wits ••••

Athletics 4(Lifting +1), Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 1, Craft 4, Investigation 2, Integrity 3, Lore 5, Martial Arts 5(Fierce Blows +3), Medicine 5(Surgery +2, Disease +1), Occult 4, Performance 3, Presence 4, Resistance 3, Socialize 1, Survival 2(Alone +1), War 5(Never retreating +2)

Artifact 3
Class 3
Eidolon 3
Familiar 5
Savant 1

Compassion ••••, Conviction ••, Temperance •, Valour •••
Willpower •••••••
Dedicated Charm Slots 4
General Charm Slots 4
Essence ••••

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2, -2*4, -4*1, Incapacitated

General: Second Intelligence Augmentation(2m/success, [1m])
Labor and Utility: Omnitool Implant(4m, [1m], Comprehensive Sugical Systems)



Join Battle , Soak , Dodge DV , Mobility Penalty , Fatigue
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV , Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV , Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P

Social Combat
Join Debate , Mental Dodge DV
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2


Her skin carrying tones of black jade more than anything else she doesn't exactly try to hide her charms when she has them equipped and mostly stays in her medical lab. She is a rather intense individual, always asking for people to...volunteer for things. Or asking for them to come in for some tests. Aside from that, she is known as Bulwark by the crew. Not because she is some shield to hide behind but for her impressive chest which her doctors attire does absolutely everything to highlight. If you can drag your arms from that you will notice she is rather...impressively toned. For many years her enhancements were devoted to the body over the mind and she is strong, fast and tough.

A general for many decades against the forces of the Gremlins that beset Sova. Yet the years dragged on taking more lives and more lives without any real chance of success. Though a successful general it became clear that the war was starting to weigh on her as she threw herself more and more into things. Her successes costly and in time too costly as she was recalled and allowed to pursue other interests leading to her interest in medicine, human improvement and joining a certain exploration crew.

Plot Hooks