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Name: Eastern Crane
Aspect: Journies
Motivation: Rebuild the web of trade that held back the Wyld.
Concept: Inexperienced Silver Faction
Faction: Silver Faction
XP Left/Total: 0/0

Strength ••, Charisma •••, Perception ••
Dexterity •••••, Manipulation •••, Intelligence ••
Stamina ••••, Appearance •••, Wits •••

•••, Awareness ••, Bureaucracy ••, Craft ••, Dodge ••, Integrity ••, Linguistics ••, Lore •••, Martial Arts •••••, Melee •••, Presence ••, Occult ••, Resistance ••, Ride •••, Socialize ••, Stealth ••, Survival ••


Artifact: ••(A Starmetal Reaper Daiklaive)
Celestial Manse: ••
Mentor •••
Salary ••
Savant: ••
Sifu: ••


••, Temperance ••, Conviction ••, Valour •••
Willpower •••••
Essence •••
Personal 11
Peripheral 32/27

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2, -2*2, -4*1, Incapacitated

Burn Life(3m/dot)
Awareness: Prior Warning(6m)
Craft: Elemental Vision
Integrity: Second Integrity Excellency(1m/die)
Martial Arts: Secrets of Future Strife, Flight of Mercury(1m/action), Blade of the Battle Maiden(2m/die, 2wp), Joy in Adversity Stance(5m), Violet Bier of Sorrows Form(6m)
Melee: Impeding the Flow(3m)
Presence: First Presence Excellency(1m/die)
Survival: Becoming the Wilderness(4m)


5*, Soak 4B/2L/0A, Dodge DV 10/2, Mobility Penalty 0, Fatigue 0
Fist: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 2B, Parry DV 12-2, Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 5B, Parry DV 8/2, Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 2B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags N, C, P
Southern Comet: Speed 4, Accuracy 15, Damage 9L, Parry DV 11/2, Rate 3, Tags -

Eastern Crane has the look of a man from Halta. Which is no surprise as thats where he was indeed born and raised. His hair is a nice oaken brown and his eyes a leaf green. He moves lightly and nimbly with hands calloused from long days holding ropes. He dresses in a city fashion, favoring robe like clothing found in many eastern cities he frequents or dressing up like a hunter. He is decently handsome and does not shave nor does he need to. His hair is trimmed short.

Eastern Crane was born to a middle class family in Eastern Halta. A quiet child he nonetheless never felt great need. His parents worked in political circles and he got to see a lot of it growing up. However he himself always wanted to travel so he bent his efforts to learning the trade of Trade. His first trading trip went off without a hitch, in fact it went off without him. Instead of going with it he went his own way and soon enough was met by a Sidereal. Not really surprised by the whole thing everything felt to him as if it were falling into place and he soon enough began his training as a member of the Chosen of Journeys. The man who brought him to Yu-Shan was in fact one of the Silver Pact and secretly he was inducted into their small group. Officially he helps make sure roads lead where they should and that people going down them go where they should within the East. Unofficially he carefully helps the Faction build bridges with the Lunars and to increase trade between various barbarian tribes to strengthen Creation against the Fair Folk.

<b>Plot Hooks</b>