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Dymarak, The Darkened Heart

Demon of the Third Circle, Second Soul of Hegra

Not all Demons of the Third Circle have shapes and landscapes of their own. Dymarak is one of them. Wether he could take such a shape is unknown but were he able to he would detest it. Dymarak is a creature of jealousy and envy. It doesn't matter what he envies them for it. He envies the yozi that they can not escape and he fumes with jealousy at the freedom of those who can. He is one of the souls of Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares and he is as jealous of her as he is of any other.

In the First Age few Sorcerers would summon Dymarak. His understanding of people, politics and situations was vast and almost without match in any realm of existance but even bound he was dangerous to his summoner. Though dangerous any scheme which took something from another person he relished and would help it come to pass. One final thing he was sometimes sought out for was to cheat death. Only one Solar took him up on that deal though and ultimately was slain for that deal when her peers discovered her deal.

When he was left to pursue his own agendas in the Demon City he passed the time helping various Second Circle Demons contend against their fellows. Against the others of the Third Circle he was barred by Hegra against working against them which he mostly obeys. Still if he could find a way he would overpower his Yozi as his jealousy and envy of the power of those creatures burns as strong in him as anything else.

With the Green Sun Princes he has found something new to involve himself in. His jealous nature has gathered him many secrets and many tools in his time. The brave and the foolish might want to make deals with him or seek his advice. It is very unwise for those who serve the Reclamation to seek his help too often or else they might find themselves turning against the very unity they were supposed to bring about.

Dymarak is a giant of a man. At least the half of him that is a man. From the waist up he has a man's shape. This man though is 10 yards tall and made of obsidian without a single hair on his body and two great horns which sweep out to either side. The lower half of him is a swirling dark green orb in which sometimes a dark red light can be seen. He floats freely where he wishes.

Summoning: (Obscurity 3/5) Sorcerer's summon Dymarak for advice in the world of politics or when they need something they don't have. His help almost always involves taking something away from another except when such things are impossible. He does not leave Malfeas except when summoned though. He is too proud and hateful to accept freedom from some random event in another land and only when compelled out will he leave.

Motivation: To let none possess things he does not himself possess or desire. His intimacies include Hegra and an ever changing list of things others have that he wants.

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 4

Traits: 23 dice for all rolls involving politics, socializing and aquisition. 19 dice on all other tasks.

Sample Powers:
Understanding of Will - Dymarak knows the basic drives of all those he interacts with in a scene. Anyone he spends a full scene with he understands the Motivation they have. Even when he can't deal with them in person he is assumed to get 20 successes on any roll to determine a person's Motivation and Intimacies and is allowed to make such a roll with the smallest pieces of accurate information about the person.
Dark Envy Unchained - Though it is dangerous to himself Dymarak has a sometimes imperfect mastery of many other demon's powers. Any unique power of a first circle demon he himself can do barring matters of physical limitation. He can not dance for example since he has no legs. Any power of one of his own souls he himself possesses perfectly. Of the rest of the Second Circle he knows maybe a double handful of powers. Most dangerous of all he knows, though imperfectly, three unique powers possessed by Demons of the Third Circle. The choices of his powers are up to the Storyteller but any power he knows he does not perform as well as the techniques real master. Wether he rolls less dice, or the effect does less damage, or any number of things it is simply not as good as the original.
Mortal's Hope - Aside from the Yozi and their third circle souls there is one fact that those in Creation and the Demon City know. They will die. Yet if they are willing to entrust their hearts to Dymarak he will place their still beating heart inside the darkened orb of his body to keep it safe. So gaurded anytime the person is slain she will after a 24 hour period return to full life no matter how total the damage to her body. Only two things can kill her permanently. The use of soul destroying charms like Ghost-Eating Technique and such to administer the final blow or to battle Dymarak himself. Its as hard to hit a heart in his body as it is to hit he himself but any strike that does normal damage to the person whos heart it is. Charms and such may not be used to counter this damage. They gave up the ability to protect their hearts when they handed their heart to him.

Willpower: 9 Essence: 9
Summoning Resistance: None
Other Notes: Should a summoner force Dymarak to use one of the powers possessed of another Third Circle Demon that creature will become aware and will not be pleased.