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The palace owned by the Twilight known as the Green Magi the Chamber of Living Breath is a very unique structure. It stands apart from the rest, different in that its a living structure. In places there is stone and it seemlessly flows to wood or leaf. The halls are set with spheres in the ceiling that glow with the light of the sun, stored up during the day by the outer parts of the palace. Doors dilate open and closed as bid. Deep in the center below the Hearthstone chamber lies the laboratory of the Green Magi. Womb-sarcophogi, bio-vats, containment spheres and many other elaborate and complex devices fill it. While it is a bit strange to see it keeps all the amenities one expects of a Solar home.

Powers: Living Manse, Workshop Manse Genesis, Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis, Magical Conveniences(Light orbs in the ceiling, self opening doors, bathing chambers with self filling tubs), Internal Viewing(the hearthstone bearer can see through almost any point in the manse. Can not extend viewing charms though it though).
Maintanance: Requires periodic fertilizing(1 dot Maintanance).
Fragilty: 1 point
Stone: Stone of Quiet Thoughts. This oval white stone makes it hard to discern the inner feelings of its bearer. Increase by 3 the difficulty of any roll to determine their motivation or emotions in the scene.