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In this setting things went down very differently after the Primordial War. The Exalted figured out around the middle First Age what had happened to them. Though their madness was starting to show they were still powerful and righteous people. The Celestials decided that they were too dangerous to remain. Modifications were made to existing magitech so that the Dragonblooded could maintain it or it could maintain itself. Detailed plans and instructions on countless matters were devised so the less powerful could maintain and guard the world. Then once all the preperations were completed each Celestial crafted a great temple tomb for themselves and sealed themselves away to pass on from this life to the next. Their Exaltations trapped as well so that they would not return and in their madness doom the world.

With no angry Solar ghosts the Neverborn could make no Deathlords. The Contagion never happened. With systems of government and succession put in place and the Dragonblooded still remembering the wisdom of their Celestial Lords the world was not wracked with wars by a Shogunate. Without a weakening from the Contagion there was no invasion by the Fair Folk. Creation remains a vast empire populated with over a million Blooded and billions of mortals. Magitech is prevalent and the Gods of Heaven are not angry at the Terrestials because they did not betray any oaths.

It has been so long in fact since the Celestial's willingly vanished that at most they are ancient legends. Great figures of the past who are attributed with feats from putting the stars in the sky to locking the demons in their Prison in Hell. Actual correct historical records of them are few and far between. Time takes its toll on all things afterall and after the generations passed on there was no real point in keeping correct factual information on them.

Due to the vast size of Creation and the limits of the Terrestials there are 5 Empires. One for each direction. Within the 5 Empires there are hundreds of kingdoms and city states. Creation afterall is twice as large as is found in the Core Book. There is no Scarlet Empress and the Imperial Manse remains unopened. In a semi-automated state it gaurds the borders. There are Protocalls the 5 Empire leaders can use to bring the Manse's sensing systems onto a problem. If its Demonic or Fair Folk there tends to be a scourging by its powers of that area.