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The Agua Fuerza Negra is an ancient and deadly behemoth set in ancient times to make the rivers flow. Connected to all the rivers in Creation the thrum of its great heart puts the rivers in motion. A child of Szoreny the great dark serpent helped to keep the proper flow of the rivers in the early days of Creation when all was not ordered as it is now. Afterwards it remained in the rivers where it was safe and waited. Water is patient afterall. When called upon it would build new rivers as the Primordials bid it or when its own needs drove it to do so.

So it existed for untold millenia with none to challange it but for a fateful battle with Mela, the Dragon of Air who took offense at the serpent making rivers in the north that would not freeze as she felt was proper. Even to this day the powers of Mela remain a critical weakness to the almost immortal being.

Living in the far east at the end of a river the creature avoids mortals, god and exalt whenever it can. It felt their blades during the Primordial War and though it survived it has no wish to test their determination to slay it. Perhaps it was wiser in some ways than its makers or perhaps it had witnessed the Exalted practicing before the ambush and had suspicions of its power but whatever the reason the creature mostly sought to avoid conflict with the Exalted though it did devour a few Terrestials when it had to so that its maker would not destroy it for treachery.

In the First Age it was sometimes sought out for the creature was known to be very wise. Those who took its advice though often came to bad ends for its advice always held hidden dangers to those who were not allready wise themselves. It welcomed the Ursupation for it reduced the threat to itself of becoming a hunt for some Solar or Lunar safari. It was still sought sometimes by Dragonblooded of the Shogunate to ask its wisdom and it took quiet delight in giving them what they sought and knowing they would suffer for it. When the Great Contagion struck and the Fair Folk flowed in it struck at them and the Fae knew to avoid the rivers of the east for a time until the Defense Grid sent them tumbling back to the chaos that spawned them.

The years of the Empresses reign have passed quietly for the creature. Few seek out its advice and it has used its near comparitively unmatchable power to gain the worship of several river barbarian groups in the east. The ancient behemoth could be a great use to the returning Exalted but its help has many dangers. One should always respect the water.

Motivation: To make the rivers flow. Also the creature is very self interested in its continued existance and is willing to wait centuries or longer to exact long term plans to ensure its continued survival.

Strength 15, Charisma 3, Perception 6
Dexterity 6, Manipulation 8, Intelligence 7
Stamina 17, Appearance 5, Wits 5

Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 5, Valor 2

Athletics 6(Swimming +3), Awareness 5(Rivers +3), Bureaucracy 7(Mixed advice +2), Dodge 6, Integrity 8, Investigation 2, Linguistics 8(Old Realm, the 4 Directional Tongues, Riverspeak, High Realm, Low Realm and a smattering of local barbarian dialects), Lore 8(History +3), Martial Arts 6(Rivers +3), Occult 7, Performance 2, Presence 6, Resistance 6, Socialize 7(Concealing intent +2), Stealth 4(Rivers +3), Survival 4(Rivers +3)

Essence Powers:
Water's Wisdom - Asked advice about people or politics or management Agua Fuerza Negra can provide extensive advice on a subject, effectively granting +5 successes to rolls involving the asked about subject. However those who follow the advice must make a difficulty 8 Manipulation + Socialize roll or else they will botch a single time when working with the group similar to what happens with an eclipse oath botch. Take the creature's advice with care.
Breathing the River - With his breath he can kill any river or make a new one. The power is not instantaneous but without being stopped he could make the Yanaze go dry or turn the river to go through Sijan. This power can't be used effectively as a weapon, the waters rise and fall too slowly for it to work so.
Overflow the Banks - The creature is a shapechanger of a sort. It can grow to be a massive serpent or small as a snake hidden in the grass. It can assume a form to engage in mass combat up up to Magnitude 7 and when it does so it gains additional -0 health levels equal to twice the Magnitude it assumes and adds its Magnitude to its Strength and Stamina.

Join Battle: 10

Bite: Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage 15L, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags N, P
Tail Slap: Speed 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 21B, Parry DV 5, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 12, Damage 15B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P
Soak: 17L/34B (Scale hide body, 9L/17B)
Health Levels: -0*5, -1*15, -2*15, -4*5, Incapacitated
Dodge DV: 10 Willpower: 10
Essence: 7
Personal Essence Pool: 70
Other Notes: Unlike a great many Behemoths its powers while unique are not limited. It has a limited capacity to learn charms and the Storyteller should feel free to grant it a few charms they feel it may have learned in its long life. By no means is its ability to learn charms limitless or even very easy for it. A dozen charms at most perhaps with Szoreny charms being the most appropriate otherwise water charm effects work as well.