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Name: Aelia Stormcloud
Caste: Dawn
Motivation: Restore the Kukla's mind to civility like he was as a Lesser Elemental Dragon.
Concept: Hunter from the north
XP Left/Total: 0/173

Strength •••, Charisma ••••, Perception •••
Dexterity •••••, Manipulation ••, Intelligence •••
Stamina ••••, Appearance •••, Wits ••

Archery 3, Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Larceny 3, Integrity 2, Linguistics 3, Lore 2, Martial Arts 2, Melee 5(Essence Weapons +2), Occult 5(Elementals +2), Performance 1, Presence 2, Resistance 5, Ride 1, Survival 5, War 2

Artifact 1
Contacts 1
Manse 2
Resources 3(Mercenary work)

Compassion ••, Conviction ••, Temperance ••••, Valour •••
Virtue Flaw Ascetic Drive
Willpower •••••••
Essence ••••

Health Levels 0*1, -1*2, -2*2, -4*1, Incapacitated

Integrity: Third Integrity Excellency(4m)
Larceny: Lock-Opening Touch(3m), Flawless Pickpocketing Technique(3m)
Melee: Second Melee Excellency(2m/success), Dipping Swallow Defense(2m), Bulwark Stance(5m), Fivefold Bulwark Stance(5m, 1wp), Heavenly Gaurdian Defense(4m, Temperance), Call the Blade(1m), Glorious Solar Saber*2(6m or 10m, 1wp)
Occult: Second Occult Excellency(2m/success), Spirit-Detecting Glance(3m), All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight(6m)
Resistance: Second Resistance Excellency(2m/success), Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana(1m), Hauberk-Lightening Gesture(1m), Glorious Solar Plate(10m or 13m, 1wp), Body-Mending Meditation(10m), Ox-Body Technique*2
Survival: Hardship-Surviving Medicant Spirit(10m)



Join Battle 5, Soak 4B/2L/0A or 14B/12L/10A, Hardness 0B/0L/0A or 5B/5L/5A, Dodge DV 9/2, Mobility Penalty 0, Fatigue 0
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 3B, Parry DV 9/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 7, Damage 6B, Parry DV 5/2, Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 7, Damage 3B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P
Glorious Solar Saber: Speed 5, Accuracy 17, Damage 8L, Parry DV 12/2, Tags Holy
Glorious Solar Saber: Speed 5, Accuracy 12, Damage 8L, Parry DV 17/2, Tags Holy

Social Combat
Join Debate 5, Mental Dodge DV 13/2
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy 6, Parry 6/2, Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy 5, Parry 5/2, Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy 4, Parry 4/2, Rate 2

Elementals, Being secretly bi, Displaying perfect grace in combat, Her homeland, Her philosophy of charms being better then artifacts for combat

Description Looks sorta like this. However where the picture shows a woman with armor and a normal sword her armor is formed of golden light though in that style. She wears no helm and the weapons she uses she creates from essence. One is long and slim with a slight curve to it for turning aside the strikes of foes while the other is straight and designed to cut into and stab past the defenses of foes. Her clothing style is generally form fitting and allowing maximum freedom of movement. She does not rush around the battlefield though but instead moves to make each strike and block graceful and perfect rather then some rabbid frenzy.

Aelia was born in Cherak and can trace her lineage to House Ferem. Away from the manipulations of the Realm the single House of Cherak can actually place people with the proper skill into the proper positions in its military. yes she was mortal but she had received a fine martial training in hopes of her exaltation. She would make a fine Fanglord or even if she was lucky and loyal a Scalelord.

Plot Hooks
Will eventually develop the charm Graced Power Shot