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This artifact looks like a set of chainmail, made out of a glass/crystally substance, tinged with the colour of the character's magical material. this chain shirt is connected to bracers on the wrists by inch thick chainsrunning from the bottom of the sleeve to the bracers.

With the expeneture of 5 motes, the chain shirt unfolds and projects a translucent supreheavy plate of the characters magical material around the character. it confers;

with 4 motes, the bracers can summon a translucent shield, again with the colour material thing. it gives +2 hand to hand save, and +3 range bonus

with another 4 motes, you can summon a sword with the same effect as glorious solar saber

All 3 effects last until the user wishes to turn them off (or 1 day, whichever is shorter)

commit - 5m,1w

whenever you use the artifact, you must spend 6 ticks burning a prayer strip ( res 4)to the god of the armour beforehand.

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