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Baos Gap

An NPC in the Promise of Ages campaign.

Baos is man of moderate height with a slight yet well muscled frame (picture Bruce Lee). His black hair is cut short and he is typically unshaven. He has a distinctly realm or possibly lookshy heritage with light brown skin and almond shape eyes.

Formerly of the Seventh Legion, soldier under the command of Karal Fortunate-Serpent in the same unit that Jade Wisdom was serving in. Exalted when the unit was destroyed by the forces of Mask of Winters, which involved demons, a ninja and an explosion.

Was present at the meeting with Scarred, where Taros suggested that Scarred join his currently incomplete circle.

Briefly encountered Phinnae in the Seven Thousand Pleasures Tea House.

Was introduced formerly to Jade Wisdom on the 1st of Ascending Fire.

Aha! Now encountered!!! So nyer! :) Dawn Caste, part of Taros Petasi's nascent Circle.

Hmmmm a Dawn caste you say...

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