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Hi! New player, old edition - my ST brought me here.

WarpAndWeft: A System for Astrology using Shaping Combat.


Hi, and welcome to the Wiki! Always glad to see new people. :) - FrivYeti

Indeed - much welcoming. It's obligatory for one of the welcomers to point out BestPractices, but other than that, I look forward to much good content from you! -- GreenLantern

So, uh, I noticed that somebody deleted some of your wikipages, and nobody seems to have even asked about what happened. Just wanted to let you know that not everybody on the wiki is the type to randomly delete pages or not care when this happens to a new wiki user -- don't get downhearted about this, just make them anew! -- PassengerPigeon

PassengerPigeon - I'm inclined to believe that Ashes deleted them himself, after a bit of a spat about Wiki-etiquette, and how it applied to a project he was working on. I'm not speaking for Ashes, mind you, just saying what I believe happened. -- GreenLantern
It's possible, but Ashes has her user name set for edits, so if she did it, I would think her name would show up. -- PassengerPigeon