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Whoa. An intro.

Yo, I've been into Exalted for about a year or two now, and I'm obsessed with making characters. I have so many characters I've written up sitting around it's ridiculous. I'm also a fan of odd artifacts, Soulsteel Diapers, say what? (wow I want to do that right now) My characters used to be the most unbalanced things in the world so I'm capable at finding loopholes that let me do ridiculously wrong things in combat (social or physical). Thankfully I've passed that stage and I now pride myself on making good balanced characters actually the character I've used my as my username I just made yesterday and hes magnificently mediocre (is that possible?). Bleh Bleh done talking, that's how I roll.

Schtuff I done did

  • Aru-Ahn/Aruahn - My shaman based solar, no exp. but he has the basis for everything pretty much. He's flexible for a campaign.