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These are my artifacts. They may be a bit high-powered; comments would be appreciated.


Panoply of Fire and the Sun</b>
Artifact <b>3 (x3)</b>
Orichalcum and Red Jade Bracers and Paired Reaper Daiklaives
Speed 3 Accuracy +5 Damage +2L Defense +2 Rate 4
Requires: Strength 3; Commitment: 6 per Daiklaive, 5 for both Bracers; 12 for the entire set as a single unit

This matched set of paired Reaper Daiklaives and Hearthstone Bracers was commissioned for a flamboyant Solar Exalted. The bracers themselves are minimalistic - merely a thin pair of bangle-torcs that hang loosely around the wrists, yet somehow never fall off no matter how quickly the Exalt moves. Each bangle appears as a thin orichalcum hoop with an elongated red jade dragon entwined about it, embossed with stylized flames of red jade.

The Daiklaives were likewise forged to be as thin and elegant as possible, conserving weight and power in exchange for increased speed and deftness. The blades themselves are forged from orichalcum, while the handles are intricately-woven knotworks of orichalcum sunrays and red jade flames and dragons.

Great care was taken in the construction of these artifacts, imparting aspects of the Magical Material bonuses of both materials. These blades and bracers may only be attuned by a Solar Exalted. Attunement to a single Daiklaive costs 6 motes, and provides a weapon with a Speed of 3, a Rate of 4, +5 Accuracy and +2 Defense. Unlike normal Reaper Daiklaives, these thinner and more nimble weapons have a Damage rating of only +2L. The appropriate Magical Materials bonuses have already been worked into these stats. The bangles are designed as Hearthstone bracers, providing +3 to the Solar's Dodge DV when attuned together (with a total commitment cost of 6), adding +2 to the base damage of any Brawl or Melee attack, and reducing the Speed of any Brawl or Melee attack by 1.

In addition to these individual powers, a Solar Exalt who attunes to the entire group at once, as a set, need only attune 12 motes and unlocks an array of additional abilities. A weilder of two of these weapons together ignores the off-hand penalty for holding a weapon in each hand, and the multiple action penalties for all attacks that involve both of these weapons together is reduced by 2. If used in conjunction with the attuned bracers, the character's Dodge DV reduction for attacking with both weapons is also reduced by a maximum of 2.

Unfortunately, the extensiveness of these magics, combined with the need to keep the entire artifact set as light and unencumbering as possible, prevented the inclusion of a Hearthstone setting. Neither the weapons nor the bracers have a single setting for hearthstones, leaving the Exalt to rely on his own powers. Likewise, the nimbleness required to utilize these weapons in their proper fighting style prevents the wearing of any armor (including shields) with a mobility penalty greater than 0.

Each Artifact must be purchased seperately as an Artifact 3; their extra powers are unlocked only when attuned together as a set.


Actually, the word "panoply" isn't what I want, but it's stuck in my head after too much Ex2. Suggestions?