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Level 4 Artifacts

The Clockwork Conveyance-A mysterious cube with the capability to animate objects.

Empyreal Vertex-A powerful essence carbine with unique targeting features.

Headsman's Axe-A favorite amongst executioners for hundreds of years!.

Life Binding Needles-Cheat death with these cleverly wrought needles.

Logos Nail-A spear forged from the pieces of an ancient weapon.

Pinnacle-A blade which imparts a measure of its perfection to its wielder's skills.

The Shining Locus-An aerial command platform that allows its pilot to remotely control artillery emplacements.

Temple's Cloister-Yozi forged armor imbued with the speed of the winds!

Writhing Specter Blade-The angry spirits trapped within this weapon like to violenty express their distress.