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Arthur's user page

I'm wondering why would you click the link to my page. There is hardly anything you'd like to see here. I've created very little content to Exalted and most of it is in Portuguese, anyway. If you really insist in knowing about me, here it goes:

I'm Arthur (yes, that's my real name!), Brazilian student and wanna-be programmer. I reached the Wiki through Google and loved its content. I just now decided I'll start to share some Exalted content here, mainly because Wordman suggested I did so instead of starting him a cult. I hope you like the stuff I write here.

Oh, and if you read in Portuguese, feel free to check my blog.

Content I've made in English

  • Arthur/Erebus is my alternate Underworld scenario. It's not complete yet, but probably usable. It introduces the Uni, "Elemental Dragons" of the Dead, and souls of Erebus, the Primordial whose body composes the Labyrinth and the Underworld. It was inspired by Virgilio's Aeneid.

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