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Man-Machine Weaving Protocols

Soul Annexing Procedure
Cost: 20 motes
Clarity: 4

The use of this Protocol within the bounds of Autochthon designate cautionary flags against the Essence signature of the targets. Used primarily in the hunt for dissidents found in the Far Reaches beyond the Cities of Autochthon, enabling the caster to mark several small colonies with this protocol so when they are reborn back in Autochthon society, they will be designated amongst the lowest levels of the populat.

However, the use of this Protocol within Creation has proven startling with the varied Results due to the differences between Pattern Spiders, and Design Weavers.

When used against the Mortals and Terrestrial Exalted of creation, their lives take an immediate turn for the worst.
When used against Mortals be they extras or Heroic Mortals, or Dragon Blooded, their Target Number increases by 2 for all non-reflexive rolls, for days equal to the casters Essence. The Protocol may target up to Essence x 10 mortals, or only Essence Dragon Blooded at the same time.

When used against the Celestial Exalted of creation, the Spell is far more dire, as they will immediately suffer from a disruption to their alignment within the loom of fate, and be affected as if they were a prime offender of Pradox.
When used against any Celestial Exalted type (be they outside fate or not) they will immediately be afflicted with 10 points of paradox, which will register with the Patter Spiders in 11-(casters Essence) days time. In this time they may attempt to perform the necessary rituals to alleviate the paradox inflicted upon them. However, only the Sidereal Exalted will have the necessary knowledge to both detect the paradox build up (wits+lore difficulty equal to target exalts essence), and be able to detail the necessary procedure for them to remove it. Celestial exalted may attempt to divine the nature of the protocol made against them with a successful perception+occult check, but knowledge of the ritual to remove the points paradox is something they may not know.
After the time passes and the target was unable to perform the necessary rites, they are immediately afflicted by a single Paradox poison rolled on a single d10 (see list on page 215 of Exalted: The Sidereals for effects).
The Protocol may only be targeted at a single Exalt at a time.

Targets must be within sight of the caster.

Trancendant Vitality Procedure
Minimum Clarity: 3
Cost: 15 Motes, 8 Committed.
Area of Effect: Single Target

While the many members of the populat do their part to maintain the life of the Great Maker, it is his Custodians, Design Weavers, and Alchemical children that actively seek to aid in replenishing Autochthons health. The weaver may emulate this within their own selves or in others.
As they weave this protocol they summon a great gout of shimmering metal specks appropriate to the casters Caste Magical Material, which is then inhaled by the target. These specks are in reality tiny automatons designed to aid in the recovery of injury and illness, and flow of the passage of essence. For as long as the caster maintains the Essence commitment the Protocol will be sustained. For the duration of the Protocol, targets who are Essence wielders will heal four times the normal rate, add 5 dice to resist all poisons and disease, and will respire essence at all times as if they are at rest, regaining an additional two motes per hour when actually resting. If used on mortals this protocol will immediately return them their lost health levels, as well as the accelerated healing and resistance benefits. However mortals will find the experience of this protocol to be drug-like, and must take a temperance check to avoid becoming addicted once the protocol has ended.

Essence Weaving Override
Cost: 15 motes
Clarity Minimum: 2

A rarely used protocol remains in the data banks of the Great-Makers archives, a Weave created to combat casters of spells. When in a position to be able to cast a Counter magic, the Alchemical may opt to cast this Protocol instead, in an attempt to Override the caster and prevent their spell, as well as attempt to cause sufficient injury. When cast against another Sorcerer they are immediately locked in a battle to see whose Essence will prevail.
Both casters enter into an opposed Essence + Willpower roll, with the first to attain their opponents Essence Score in successes over the other wins. However, challenging spells in action is not without difficulty due to in vesture of Essence, and the casters Will, thus attempting to counter spells/protocols of a certain level gives the opposing caster the following automatic successes against the Essence Weaving Override caster:
First Circle Spell - 1 Automatic Successes
Second Circle Spell - 3 Automatic Successes
Third Circle Spell - 5 Automatic Successes
Man-Machine Protocol - 2 Automatic Successes
God-Machine Protocol - 4 Automatic Successes
By accepting a temporary point of Clarity, the Weaver may add either two dice or an automatic success to their next [Essence] rolls in the contest of wills. The maximum number of dice or successes she can benefit from at once is equal to her permanent Clarity rating, so extra dice are lost if her permanent Clarity rating is uneven.
If the Caster is successful, their opponents spell will be dissipated, and their opponent will take the Casters Essence in unsoakable Aggravated damage.
However, if the caster fails, not only will their opponents spell be cast, but they will take their opponents Essence in unsoakable Aggravated Damage.

Bulkhead Summoning Process
Cost: 15 motes
Clarity Minimum: 2
Duration: Varies

Traversing into the Blighted regions of the Great Maker is a perilous task, but with the aid of this Protocol an Alchemical may provide a temporary safe haven to rest, or even an emergency barricade against an onslaught of gremlins or dissidents.
After the Protocol is Shaped, the Alchemical is then able to form a Wall of Adamant which suddenly and grows from the surrounding landscape. The wall is a meter thick, [Essence]x2 Meters high, and [Essence]x10 Meters in length, placed in any formation of the casters choosing, The wall has Hardness 8, soak 6L/8B, and As many Health levels as the Caster consisting of -0 levels and Destroyed instead of incapacitated. The walls remain as long as the Alchemical maintains commitment of the motes, after which they shrink back into the ground from where they grew, almost as quickly as they appeared, leaving little trace of their presence bar upturned obstacles from where they grew.

Dissident Marking Weave
Cost: 10 motes
Clarity Minimum: 1

This Weave is a simple one, marking a Mortal around their Soulgem with the Tattoo to declare them of the Lumpen Caste. Often used in conjunction with the Soul Annexing Procedure, this Protocol is used on captured rebels against the Great Maker.

When cast on Mortals, the Tattoo is permanent. When Cast on the Terrestrial Exalted, the Mark lasts for [Casters Essence]x2 days before gradually fading away. When cast on the Celestial Exalted, the Mark lasts for [Casters Essence] Days before fading. In all cases, bearing the mark on ones forehead cases -3 dice to all social interactions, as the tattoos are garish, and anyone who can understand Old Realm will note the markings denote a criminal of high caliber. Terrestrial Exalts who wear the Mark have their Anima flare at the 8-10 mark for the duration. Celestial Exalts who wear the Mark have their Caste Mark made Permanently Visable for the duration, which cannot be concealed. If for some reason a Mortal were to Exalt, the mark wears off immediately.

Element Harmonising Process
Cost: 10 / 15 motes
Minimum Clarity: 2

Because the use of Protocols requires a greater dedication to a narrow field of Attributes and Charms, the Great Maker created this Protocol to help supplement the abilities of those who would chose the Function of the Man-Machine Weaving Engine over other charms. The Element Harmonising Process has various stages in which it may provide its users with great utility.

The Protocol is designed to infuse either the Caster or objects with an Elemental Resonance of an Autocthonian, be it, Crystal, Lightning, Steam, Oil, Metal, or to a lesser degree, Smoke.

For the cost of 10 motes, the Weaver may imbue themselves with a single Autocthonian Element, where lightning may arc around their bodies, or metal plates expand or harden on their skin, they give a great degree of protection. The protective effects mimic those of the (Element-)Inured Frame Charm (E:tA pg 108-109), for a scene or until the Weaver choses to dissipate it with a simple action. If this function of the Protocol is used outside of the Elemental pole it is associated with, it will not only give the protective benefit, but have the same effect as Terrestrial Exalted Destructive Anima flaring at the 8-10 mark.

For the cost of 15 motes, the Weave may permanently infuse an object no larger than themselves with the essence of a chosen Autocthonian Element. Effects vary, but are not overly powerful, often used in machine room floors to help improve some tools far better than the basic forms of Thaumaturgy that some of the Workers may practice. Effects for each element vary but may include:

Items Empowered with Crystal tend to become slightly glossy, if not somewhat transparent. Used to give items a small amount of self repair, or improve items already made of glass.
Items empowered with Lightning can cause static build up and discharge. Usually used on luminescent paints to improve their visibility, and also utilised on nutrient pipe taps to provide warm meals.
Items Empowered with Metal become denser, and heavier, more often than not giving them a dull appearance. Often used to re-enforce bearings and studs, as well as harden tools, but can be used to increase the effectiveness of the basic buff jacket.
Items Empowered With Oil, become slick to the touch, the oil can vary in appearance. Used on moving parts to help prevent friction is Perhaps the most common use, but is also applied on clothing to allow wearers to squeeze through tight spaces.
Items empowered with Smoke may tend to blacken and feel slightly decayed to touch, but does not actually damage the item. It makes them appear somewhat worthless, and easier to overlook.
Items empowered with steam are warm to the touch, and often ruffle with an unseen wind. May be used to temperature control clothing, or improve the quality of re-breathers.

No item may have Element Harmonising Process cast onto it more than once.

Forged Wonder Location Process
Cost: 10 motes
Duration: One Scene
Minimum Clarity: 1

The Five Magical Materials are a precious commodity within the realm of Autocthon, especially that which has been worked into a purposeful tool. This protocol gives the Alchemical a new sense that will enable them to instinctively locate any peice of Magical material that Has been worked by essence upto [Essence] x 100 yards away ([Essence] Miles for Essence 7+ Alchemicals). This means that while the Alchemical can locate Artefacts forged of the magical materials, they cannot locate the unworked and raw Magical Materials themselves.

This Protocol, if used within the confines of any of the Matropoli or Patropoli of Autocthonia will also gain an intuitive knowledge of their surroundings as they can sense the Essence flows within the living cities, gaining them +3 dice for any perception checks within them. This protocol can be used to locate the specific Essence flows within certain Automata, and other Alchemical exalts, and as mentioned above intuitivly locate Artefacts, and can track them down with a simple Wits + Occult roll to gauge distance and direction to its location. If tracking a being who carries an Artefact, they may add the successes from the Wits + Occult roll to any tracking rolls.

God-Machine Weaving Protocols

Essence Over-Spike Method
Cost: 35 Motes
Clarity: 7

Gremlins are an ever persistent problem in Autochthon, and occasionally so to are Alchemical Champions affected by Dissonance, and they too becoming victims of Gremlin Syndrome. The use of this protocol is designed to send an over-abundant surge of Essence into the spirits and machines that are targeted, causing internal fail-safes to cause the Rogue target to shut down Immediately. When used against Machine Spirits, Automatons and Alchemicals, the protocol will immediately render them incapacitated for Casters Essence + (Targets Essence x 2) days.

However, Exalts, Spirits, and Essence Wielders in Creation do not have the necessary fail-safes to cause the same shut-down. Instead their Essence begin to react erratically, and potentially dangerously, for a time equal to Casters Essence + (Targets Essence x 2) days, with the following effects (if applicable):
Anima powers are rendered useless for the duration.
Artifacts will cause their rating in bashing damage every turn until removed. However this will only be from the highest rated Artifact that is being worn at a time. Thus a target wielding a lvl 3 and lvl 2 artifact will take 3 bashing per turn until they have discarded it, and then they will suffer 2 bashing damage until the second artifact is removed. This damage can be soaked naturally.
The Targets Anima banner will flare at full for the duration of the Protocol where applicable.
Expenditures of Essence will incur 1d10 extra motes to the cost for the first expenditure per turn, and an additional 1 mote increase for every expenditure after that for the rest of the turn.
Spending 5+ motes of Essence (not including the forced increase) will cause 1 Level of unsoakable lethal damage.
In addition when spending 8+ motes (again, before increase) roll 1d10, which will affect the following attribute(s):
1: Strength
2: Dexterity
3: Stamina
4: Charisma
5: Manipulation
6: Appearance
7: Perception
8: Intelligence
9: Wits
10: All Attributes

The character loses 1 point from the attribute rolled for the duration of the protocol, and for (casters essence) days after. After of which the points return at a rate of 1 dot per day, in the order of their loss. If an attribute is lowered to a negative value then the stat loss becomes permanent equal to the negative value. (e.g. Victim has Wits 3, and over the course of the protocol, is lowered to -1 wits, their new permanent Wits becomes 2).

The Duration of the Protocol is extended by half a day per level of hearthstone the target may be carrying at the time, regardless if the stone becomes de-attuned in the mean time. If the target attempts to wait out the duration of the protocol within the confines of an attuned Manse the duration will simply hold over while inside.

To affect beings of equal or higher Essence than the caster, the caster must gain 3 successes on an opposed Willpower+ Essence roll.

Emergency Revitilisation Practice
Clarity Minimum: 5
Cost: 25 Motes
Area of Effect: Single Target

This Protocol is often employed in times of great need, when wounds are so grievous that normal medical procedures cannot aid at all. The Caster of this weave designates a single target by marking the ground about them with a simple, but perfect circle. Once the weave has been cast the circle glows and grows into a perfect hollow cylinder of Adamant, filled with a strange viscous liquid that is transfused with Essence.
While within the bounds of this Crystal Tube the patient will recover wounds at an expident Rate, Bashing Damage healing instantaneously, Lethal and Aggravated damage heal as bashing normally would, and as the process is simply an expident, but wholly far more efficient form of healing, no scarring will be left after the process is complete. Their body will be cleansed of all poisons and disease unto, but not including the Great Contagion (as it has never existed within Autochthon.). The protocol will end itself when the patient has been fully healed physically, and their mote pool restored. As a beneficial side-effect, the confines of the tube, while alien, are found to be wholesome and comforting, restoring all temporary willpower points. In addition, Solar, Lunar, and even Abyssal Patients may roll their highest virtue, if the roll is successful the character may reduce their Limit/Resonance by a single point, botches are merely discarded as failure. This is due to the Great Maker, in all his wisdom, realising the effects of the Great Curse upon the Exalted before he left Creation for the great void, the integrating of the minor purging of limit were but his first steps at attempting to cleanse the Cursed Shards of Exaltation.
As this protocol is mainly used to heal injured Alchemical exalted, and repair their damaged charms, so too will the Emergency Revitilisation Practice repair damaged artifacts.

Essence Weave Archiving Method
Cost: 25 motes (5 Committed, 1 Lethal Health Level).
Clarity Minimum: 5

The Essence Weave Archiving Method is a lesser used protocol that is found in the great makers crystal memory array, as its use seems to be limited to opposing casters of Sorcery and Protocols.
The protocol can be cast reflexively as Sapphire Circle Counter-magic, and once this has been done successfully, the Alchemical caster may then roll their Essence + Willpower, if gaining as many successes as the opposing casters Essence, the spell is then ensnared in an Adamant Vial which suddenly grows from the Alchemicals arm, and immediately taking 5 more motes for attunement. The vial itself contains the countered spells' Essence, caught as it was woven. The crystal will remain for [Users Essence] Days before fading away and breaking apart, until that time however the Alchemical may chose to remove the crystal, taking a level of Lethal damage, and hurl it towards a solid object. When used in this manner the crystal will shatter causing the previously contained spell to be unleashed, as if the Alchemical were the caster.

If for any reason the Crystal becomes forcibly de-attuned while still within the Alchemical, it will explode causing them 5 dice of aggravated damage.

Doomed Passage of Exile
Cost: 10 / 30 motes
Clarity Minimum: 6

There are less than a dozen recordings of this protocol used within the Great Maker, as such a drastic Protocol is not often used, as the Protocol is a penultimate, and always fatal, punishment to extreme dissidents. This protocol summons gateways which lead directly into the nothingness of Elsewhere, where the victim spend their last agonising moments of life in absolute sensory deprivation before succumbing to death by lack of air or Essence.

By spending 10 motes to shape the Protocol the Alchemical may invoke a single gate within his line of sight, the gate itself is a simple doorway [Casters Essence]m^2 in size, which opens into the nothingness of Elsewhere. A nothingness which aches to be filled, all within [Casters Essence]x2 meters of the gate (bar the caster who is immune) must make immediate Dexterity + Dodge roll, or a Strength + Athletics roll to avoid or resist being dragged in, and continue to do so at the beginning of every turn they remain within range of the Gate. The gate itself is not stationary, moving [Casters Essence]x3 meters every turn in a direction of the Casters choice, the gate eventually fading after [Casters Essence] Turns.

By spending 30 motes to shape the Protocol the Alchemical instead may summon unto [Essence] x 2 gates placed anywhere within his line of sight, all of which have the same properties of the singular version, bar that they move in random directions. This latter function was created if the Protocol was to be used in Mass combat, but such a dire circumstance has never occurred in Autochthonia to warrant its use.

Essence Dampening Procedure - God-Machine Protocol
Cost: 20 motes.
Clarity Minimum: 4

A protocol used to aid the live capture of dissident Automata and Spirits within the Great Maker, as well as impeding Essence channelers.

When Cast against Spirits or any form of Essence User with a single pool, their motes are immediately reduced to ([Essence]x3)+{Sum of Virtues}. When in this state of bound Essence, they may only use unto their Permanent Essence in motes per turn.

When Cast against any Exalted, their Essence Pool are immediately reduced to their Personal Pool, their peripheral Essence bled of forcibly through their Anima Banner. While in this state of bound Essence, they can only use unto their Permanent Essence in motes per turn. Any attempts to use Combos, Sorcery, or Charms that require Willpower will incur an additional Willpower cost. Despite being their Personal Pool, any use of motes will cause full Anima Flare.

The Protocol will maintain itself on the target for [Casters Essence] Days, or as long as 10 motes are committed.

Six-Fold Alignment Invocation
Cost: 30 motes
Minimum Clarity: 6

The Six-Fold Alignment Invocation Protocol was created to harness not only the power of the Autochthonian elements in the service of the Great Maker beyond the means of Theoplastic Engineering Protocol, allowing a more direct control over their surroundings

For 30 motes the caster may not only re-shape their surroundings as outlined in the Theoplastic Engineering Protocol, but also re-weave damaged parts of the Great Maker. While it cannot repair blight zones, it can restore parts of buildings and factories, or tunnel-ways that may have collapsed in war or disaster. Due to their presence within the great maker they may Weave all Elements in harmony without difficulty, and even in pure capacity, allowing them to repair even heavy damage within the Crystal core.

If used in creation, it can have varied, and somewhat profound effects, but due to their separation from the great maker they may channel only one element at a time.

For 30 motes, the caster may Imbue an Area no greater than Half their Essence in Miles, within their line of sight, with a single Autocthonian Element.

An area in Creation imbued with Crystal often changes less physically, save for an occasional discovery of shards of Adamant in the ground where Jade ore may once have been found. All within the area imbued with Crystal can feel the proper alignment of nature in the air, those who channel Essence increase their respiration rate by [1/3rd Casters Essence, rounding down] Motes per hour, regardless of what they may be doing.
An area in Creation imbued with Lightning becomes a zone of hazard, as bolts of lightning will assail the area from cloud-less skies. Lightning will strike [Casters Essence] times every minute, such strikes are random, but can cause much damage, and injury. Each bolt causing [Half of the Casters Essence rounding up] levels of Lethal Damage which ignores Armour.
An area of Creation imbued with metal has no greatly noticeable Visual changes other than the Earth and stone in the area becoming slightly duller Grey in colour. The truly profound effect is that such materials are now stronger, a mud hut's wall becoming as strong as granite, or even a delicate stone carving becoming as hard as steel. Rare metals and Jade buried in the Earth become more rich, Add 1/3rd of the Casters Essence rounding up • to resources score for their worth. However, water in the area will become flat and tasteless, as if boiled too many times.
An area in Creation imbued with Oil changes little visibly. The water in the area begins to have a strange after taste and slick texture, but otherwise harmless. Use of water in nearly any craft where it can be applied adds 2 dice to rolls. Areas imbued with Oil tend to come about rain more often, sometimes days on end, but small drizzles, and hardly enough to cause flooding. Regardless of the rain, or perhaps in spite of it, residents in the area imbued with oil are often compelled to complete necessary tasks quicker. All within the area Imbued with Oil may add Dice equal to [1/2 of the Caster's Essence rounding up] to any one task they wish, once per day.
An area in Creation imbued with Smoke becomes befouled. Darkness settles in the air so one cannot see beyond their own hands length, stone becomes grayed and pitted as if worn by acid, plantation will begin to slowly wither and die, water turning murky and dark, uninviting by any means, but drinkable if one can find the courage. While in an area imbued with smoke adds 4 to all stealth rolls, but for every day spent with is detrimental to life, Characters must take a Stamina + Resistance roll whose difficulty is 1/3rd of the Casters Essence, or fall ill. Once leaving the smoke they will recover near immediately. Those who remain in the polluted area either die, or invariably, go insane.
An area of Creation imbued with Steam has its air filled with a near perpetual Haze (adding 1 difficulty to spot objects at long range), but the air is purifying and Clean. All within recive 1/3rd of the Casters Essence rounding up in dice to resisting and purging of infections and poisons. The weather in the area will also become somewhat halted, allowing little more rain than light showers, however the air itself is suffused with water, leaving much dew in the early mornings, enough to allow plants to grow normally.

No area can have more than one Autochthonian Element imbued to it at a time. To imbue an area with a new Element the first will be over-written. The effects of the Six-Fold Alignment Invocation is permanent, however it may be dispersed by Sapphire circle counter magic, or the original caster.

Mantle of the Soul Transcendant
Cost: 25 motes (15 Committed) + Special / 25 motes + Special
Duration: Indefinite / Essence Scenes
Minimum Clarity: 7

As the Alchemical begins to seperate themselves from their humanity, not only in terms of size, but the greater connection to the Great Makers way of thought, the path of Clarity, it becomes harder and harder to interact with Humanity on a whole as their emotions fall away to cold logic. This Protocol allows the Alchemical to reconnect to their slowly dimming emotions in two different ways.

The first is manifestated Avatar that is a reflection of their once Human mind that is remembered in their Soul. Such a manifestation is not able to interact with its world physically, and has Social Attributes upto a total sum of the Alchemicals Willpower + Compassion, of which no single Attribute can exceed the Alchemicals Compassion. The Avatar is immaterial, the Appearance attribute simply affecting how real the Avatar appears to be, at Appearance 0 the manifestation is simply a formless voice, at Appearance 1, it appears as slightly transparent, and at Appearance 3+ the Avatar is often mistaken as being real. The actual physical appearance varies between Alchemicals, as any and all humans vary from each other, save for their eerily beautiful symmetrical form. This Manifestation may be maintained indefinetly for 15 motes.

The second is a Manifested Avatar that is able to act as a directly intervening hand of the Alchemical Caster. Such a manifestation is wholly able to interact with its surroundings, having the Social attributes as outlined above, save for an absolute minimum Appearance of 1, but in addtion gains Pyhsical Attributes upto a total sum of the Alchemicals Willpower + Temperance, of which no single Attribute can exceed the Alchemicals Temperance. The Avatars size may vary, but may not exceed human average. This Avatar takes a greater amount of effort to maintain, and may only last for [Essence] Scenes.

Either Manifestation maintains the same Mental Attributes as its Alchemical Creator, and may use its creators Essence Pool and charms as its own, but may only use charms the Alchemical has currently installed, and has the necessary Attribute minimums for. Most importantly, the Avatar is free of the Clarity that is imbued in its creator, however, the Creator may allow some of their own Clarity to filter into this Avatar if they feel it as a suitable addition.


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