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The 5th largest nation, Nurrad has been aware of it's lack of resources for generations, and can not afford as many alchemical exalted as it would like.

Meanwhile, Noi, the sub-god of inventivness and fun, and also the (must check notes) sub-goddess of making babies, feel that Nurrads status as 'first nation to be consumed' is a bad one, and will reduce the chances of general human survival in Autocthon, and eventual, Autocthons survival.

They work throught the Theomacracy, and create, intially, elemental god bloods, known as 'the children of Noi', Silver skinned and strange, they are prohibited from breeding without permission. It becomes both a great honur and strange shame to bear one of these not quite right creatures.

These disposable heroes are doomed and scorned, their souls captured in stones and instead off returning to Autochton, hammered into spirits for the greater good of Authocthon. This provides the nation with heroes of a sort, as well as a frontline defence against the corruption of the void.

The process takes generations, and wars come and go. Of course, the children of Noi are not ones for rules, and their blood contaminates the purity of the Nurradish people, all as Noi planned. Within the last 100 years or so, the contaminated are tracked via their soul stones, rounded up, and placed in vats and other strange, techno-organic devices.

They arise as the first Children of Gods, their populations strictly limited, their procreation controlled in parties that would make the Cynis envious. Other nations respond in horror to this occurence, and were it not for the distance of Nurrad and the rationing of magical materials, there would be war.

Many flee to the Reaches, thriving there. - Edward_Fortune

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