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About Me

I think that most of what I will contribute here will end up being setting ideas, or partial ones, and a lot of questions. Discussing things helps me make them clearer in my mind so I can get the good ideas out and run my players through them.

I don't know that you need to know that I used to be a computer programmer professionally and am now a Household Manager (aka Stay at Home Dad).


I will eventually be putting up "Healer, Mystic, Warrior" here when I get the chance. It is also at the Exalted Compendium, though the link to part 2 doesn't seem to exist (which is fine as I have decided I need to revise it anyway).

My Campaign Info

Player Characters

I also hope to eventually put up info on the campaign I am running. As a very brief summary, I created a country in the Marukani - Thorns area for the PC's to rescue/free from tyrannical rule by a Dragon-Blooded who Exalted away from the Blessed Isle and is not part of a House. He supports the Realm and the Immaculate Philosophy, though, to give him a reason to be in charge. The PC's from a Perfect Circle plus one Dawn caste.

The PC's are finally all in the country and have found it in need of rescuing. That's about where we stopped and changed games (we have 7 players in our group and three of us run a variety of games).

Future plans include the characters making this country their base, an attack by the Realm, a jaunt to the Ruins of Rathess, and trouble with Mask of Winters.

Messages and Comments