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Also known as the one who misspells a word in any sentance that has the word 'grammar' in it.

A gamer who started with D&D Second Edition, Ajax has been playing Exalted since players rolled initiative every combat action.(or First Edition) A storyteller by nature he has found the framework of the Exalted setting a most enjoyable playground.


Cortavius Rictoven, Zenith preacher

Divergence of Fate, Moonsilver Alchemical

Echlund Strahl, a Sidereal Chosen of Endings

Emerald Dragon, Twilight martial artist

Ledaal Catala Cartia, Air aspect warrior and leader

Revan Torve, Eclipse caste gunner

Raishida So'Rugne, Dawn caste mercenary warlord

Solitaire, Night caste assassin and power broker

The Seven Peaks, Terrestrial gods of moutains

Working On:

Thousand Deaths, a god of slaughter

Revenant of Where Shadows Fear to Walk, a Dusk caste Abyssal

Falling Storms Last Dance, a Day caste Abyssal

Radiant Glory, a Sidereal Chosen of Battles

Svetyana Stormwinds, Full Moon Lunar


Three-Fold Dragon Style

Tempest Blade Style (in production)


Law Bringer

Lightning of Thunders Hand

Svitkur Azur

Sudden Endings

Thunders Cascading Fury

Unknown Ending