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In the Age of Glory, in the Time of Transcendence, the Unconquered Sun gathered together five Twilights of great puissance and insight. He gave them a weighty task: to bind themselves beyond the edges of Creation in readiness for a time of great darkness. Knowing as they did that it would mean being forever separated from their loved ones, their nations and their grand and glorious projects their hearts were heavy, but their hearts were still humble, and their belief in their god strong. They gathered together the resources for a long, long wait.

Now beyond the edges of Creation, at the Five Elemental Poles, are five towers. Full from tower tip to deepest basement with powerful artifacts, long-lost sorceries and accumulated wisdoms of the First Age? Occupied by an insane and lonely occultist with a taste for demon-lovers? Perhaps the only five Exalted to be untouched by the ravages of the Great Curse?

If one listens carefully to the wisest of the No Moons, if one can control the chariot of the Unconquered Sun, if Destiny holds and no fae lords betray you, it might be possible to decipher the truth for yourself...