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Stir-the-Watery Grave Technique
Cost: 15m; Mins: Sail 5, Essence 4, Whispers 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Obvious, Spectral, Avatar
Duration: One day
Prerequisite Charms: Unsinking Derelict Preservation

The Neverborn sleep restlesses in death but can be convinced to stir the resting dead of the sea for their favored. Invoking them the sea grows choppy near the Abyssal and slowly a ship will rise up from the waters with a crew of the dead ready to serve. In Creation they will be skeletons or zombies and in the Underworld they will be a crew of ghosts. These risen sailors all count as extras. There must be a sunken ship nearby for this charm to work though the distance from the surface does not limit this charm. No matter the damage the ship has taken so long as its hull is whole it will count for that day as if it had full health levels and proper armament for vessels of its kind. After the day is up whatever damage sent it to the grave will send it down again though at this point the Abyssal can start to use Unsinking Derelict Preservation to keep it afloat at a use a day.