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Renewable Cadaver Body
Cost: -; Mins: Resistance 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Taint
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Breathless Ghost Emulation, Cadaverous Torpor Technique
The deathknight transcends the limitations of a living creature; her nerves deaden and her blood stills until she becomes little more than a walking corpse instilled with the might of the black exaltation.
The Abyssal never sustains wound penalties, nor need she worry about staunching wounds caused by lethal damage, even if reduced to her dying health levels she will merely linger in her broken state until the killing blow is delivered (the destruction of the brain or the heart will still prove fatal, even in this highly altered state of being) or her body is repaired. Even crippling injuries such as amputations can easily be undone by a suitable donor and a skilled Necrosurgeon.
The downside to this new condition is that the Abyssal no longer heals as a living creature, but must now be repaired with a dramatic action and a Craft Necrotech roll at a difficulty equal to her current wound penalty, recovering a number of health levels equal to the additional successes.