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Dark Depictions</b>

<b>Cost:  4 motes (single target) 6m 1willpower (audience)
Duration: Scene 
Type: Simple
Minimum Performance: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms:: Dunno.

The Abyssal's hands or handheld objects of choice (this includes weapons) glow with an eye-catching tracery of gloom. They begin to speak about a specific action of their choosing ("Attacking me." is acceptable. "Opposing me." is not. "Opposing me in battle" is excellent. =) ) They roll their Manipulation+Performance as they describe for the turn the events that are transpiring, including a suitably pessimistic final outcome. (Generally something other than what their opponents have in mind) Each success they roll over the difficulty of 2 subtracts a die from their opponents die pool whenever they attempt to undertake the action chosen.

Standing suddenly in a dark gloom of her own devising, the Abyssal becomes the center of attention for (Essencex2) yards. Her hand becomes wracked by dark energies which may project down a weapon or other instrument suitable to the occasion. The abyssal's gestures emphasize her dire predictions, leaving a black wake similar to what you see when blinking against bright light. She stalks in place as she speaks, and black sparks seep from between her lips, accompanied by an invisible miasma that only people who can view essence effects can see. The sigils she traces in the air with her swift arm motions weave a half of the binding upon the people who view her performance. The miasma that billows forth from her mouth completes the effect, and at the end of the turn they quail against the thought of attempting the course of action she speaks against. Lasts one scene.

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