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Dismal Performance Exercise

Cost: 1 mote per die
Duration: reflexive
Type: simple
Min. Performance: 2
Min Essence: 2
Prereqs: none

Under an Abyssal's cold gaze, even the most skilled and masterful performances seem small and petty. The Abyssal may reduce a target's Performance pool for 1 mote per die. Performance pools may be reduced to zero with this charm.

Caustic Critic Invection

Cost: 6 motes
Duration: instant
Type: simple
Min. Performance: 4
Min Essence: 2
Prereqs: Dismal Performance Exercise

By making a sub-performance or commentary of his own, an Abyssal may change the impression of another's performance greatly. The Abyssal makes a manipulation + performance roll at difficulty of successes scored by the target whose performance he wishes to affect. Success on this roll creates very bad feelings in all viewers and/or listeners, similar to as if the original performance had botched. This bad feeling remains so long as the basic nature of the performance remains the same in the eyes of the audience.

Freezing Entrenchment Method

Cost: 5 motes, 1 will
Duration: variable
Type: simple
Min. Performance: 5
Min Essence: 3
Prereqs: Caustic Critic Invection

The dead imitate the living, walking through the motions of life stiffly and unchanging, as they try to remember the fluidity and spontanaeity they once possessed. An Abyssal may bring this same sort of constance into any sort of social situation he finds himself in, instantly freezing the relationships among all present as they stand, making it exceedingly difficult for the people so affected to grow or change. The Abyssal may make a manipulation + performance, adding autosuccesses equal to permanent essence. This becomes an additional difficulty for anyone--including those effected--to change the relations or situations set in place by the Abyssal. Effects that change such without a roll require a roll at magical difficulty alone, and normal methods have the base social difficulty associated with that change in addition to the charm-enhanced one. The magical compulsion keeping those relations stagnant only lasts while motes are committed; when the motes are released social changes may occur naturally, with the force of natural habit playing a role as the GM sees fit. This charm has no effect on individuals with higher permanent essence than the Abyssal.