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Presence covers leadership and long-term persuasion. In its passive role, it measures one's social impact. In its active role, it represents ability in converting others to your cause, but this is not the short-term inspiration of political oration or battlefield speeches (which is covered by Performance), but the ability to build one-on-one long-term loyalty and wear down such loyalty to others.

  • 1E caste/aspect ability for: Zenith, Midnight, Fire, Battles
  • 2E caste/aspect ability for: Zenith, Midnight, Fire, Battles
  • Checking for loyalty (ex2e.110)
  • Appearing more dangerous than you are (ex2e.157)
  • Intimate personality based social attacks (ex2e.172)
  • Forceful counterargument (ex2e.172)
  • Swaying a specific social unit (ex2e.173)
  • Compelling behavior in others (ex2e.174)
  • Written attacks on specific people (ex2e.175)

Stunt Examples

  • Making threatening eye contact with a beastman warlord, and causing him to lead his warband elsewhere.
  • Convincing a Guild recruiter that you, a penniless stranger from a foreign land should be trusted with a huge loan, at no interest.


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