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Pluto, Lord of Death

Pluto is the eldest of the Five Lords and the closest to his sibbling Saturn, who some scholars say was born on the same day as Pluto. Where as Saturn is the god who ushers that which has ended from Creation, Pluto is the one to welcome the ended into the Underworld. If anyone could be considered the ruler of the Underworld, it may well be Pluto. The Deathlords fight against eachother and Creation, the Malfeans sleep in their tombs and the Dual Monarchs are puppets. Pluto keeps track of the Underworld, assuring that unlife runs smoothly. His domain is the Underworld itself, its society and physical substance. Of all the Lords, he is the least concerned or connected with Creation. His domain does not extend into that world at all, just as Saturn's does not reach into his.

Ghosts who keep to their positions in society and uphold the order of things are favored by Pluto as are those who work to map, chart and document the Underworld itself. The more ordered and understood the Underworld is, the more powerful Pluto becomes. He dreams that one day the Underworld will be as well travelled and well known as Creation above. Those who seek to dismantle the society of the Underworld earn his ire. Since their revolution centuries ago, the Deathlords have been Pluto's most hated adversaries. Too powerful for him to remove alone, he works against them in more subtle ways as their attention is elsewhere. He would enjoy nothing more then sweeping them all into the Void, along with their Nephwracks and Malfean masters.

Pluto's astrological house is the Unchanging Charnel House which contains the constellations of the Hanged Man, the Eye, the Bandage, the Victim and the Skull. His color is white and his favorite symbols are jade coins of the underworld, a crowned skull, maps of the Underworld and the stylized image of a ghost. When Pluto appears he is represented as a strong man of middle years, dressed in the fashion of a king. He is the most formal of the Lords and demands great respect from any who approach him.

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