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Shapes of War

All attribute bonuses in those Shapes count as Natural for the use of Charms.

Those Charms are favored by all Lunars.

Luna’s Ascension
Cost: 6 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: A Totem
All the Exalted are empowered by the Incarna, but Lunars with this Charm are able to call upon Luna’s spark within them... and ascend to a form that is closer to her greatness. To do so, they become less human, and this causes their Tell to become more proeminent - a foothold on their former identity. The Ascended Shape has traits of both the Lunar's Human and Totem forms - His base of shape as his body in unmade in the shifting essence of Luna. Upon purchasing this Charm, the Lunar gains a third true form – the Ascended Shape. By spending 6 motes, he can turn into this form – and in it, he is clearly not human.

This form has some characteristics from both his human and his animal forms, and it varies wildly from Lunar to Lunar – some are graceful silver gazelles, unearthly beautiful, skin like pearl lined with silver runes, some are huge savage gorillas with murder in their eyes and blood dripping from grand claws and teeth. It is a choice that says much about the Lunar. But whatever it says, it shows the greatest thing – that what they are inhuman. This is a True Form, acting as one in all respects, including the increased visibility of the Lunar's Tell.

In this Form, the Lunar’s size increases or decreases by half. All equipment carried by the Lunar changes to accomodate this change. In addition, he distributes (Half his Essence, rounded down) dots amongst his attributes, which are set when this Charm is purchased, increasing as his essence does. Once a dot is set, it cannot be changed until his Essence increases once again. However, Dexterity, Wits and Manipulation cost two dots to increase by one. In this Form, the Lunar receives a natural weapon that deals Lethal Damage and has 5 points to distribute among its stats, and a natural rate of 3. Negative points add to this total.

As it draws from the Lunar's Totem as well as his Human shape to create this idealized form, Ascension may possses any of the Mutations that comprise the Lunar's Totem. Those are chosen when Ascension is purchased, and no more than the Lunar's Essence in Mutation Points may be part of Ascension. Others may be added if the Totem somehow acquires more Mutations, or if the Lunar changes his Totem. Those may be changed when the Lunar increases his Essence score. Note that within Ascension are Charm Changes that can give many powers akin to Mutations, such as Wings. As their idealised forms, they tend to be stronger.

All Charms below in this Cascade who posses an Ascension Cost increase the power of the Ascended Shape, and increase the cost of the Luna’s Ascension Charm. The Lunar may not choose to not use those Charms – once they are purchased the Ascended Form increases in power, and this charm increases in cost.

Those Charms may be found Here.

The Lunar may buy this Charm more than once, but may only buy it once every two full dots of Essence. The Form received with it is another True Form, and it comes without the addition of any of the Charms bought for another Ascended Shape – it is a costly effort to create many Ascended Forms, but an effort that pays off to many.

Health Levels gained on the Ascension Form disappear when the Lunar changes back into another shape, wether they are wounded or not. While the Lunar is on the Ascension Form, they heal normally. While the Lunar is not in the Ascension Form, they heal after all of the Lunar's normal Health Levels.

Blossoming Gift of Luna
Cost: 1+ motes, 1 willpower, 1 health level
Duration: Indefinite
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Luna's Ascension
When leaving the Ascension Shape, the Lunar may wish to retain any of his Changes from when he is in that shape - retaining a single Charm. The cost to do so is twice the charm's cost, 1 willpower, and one health level per Change(which remains committed until the Lunar next enters his Ascension Shape or until the Lunar lets go of the Change). Charms that may be bought multiple times and whose cost stacks have to be called all at once, with their full cost, and Charms with a cost of 0 count as costing 1 mote for the purposes of this Charm.

Gargantuan Creature Transformation
Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Dexterity, Stamina and Strength of the Moon-Kissed.
There are legends of a time where beasts could reach to the sky. There are legends of a time even the lowliest of them was able to fight with Behemoths. Many of those Legends are creations of the Lunar Exalted, who can let the spark of the Incarna within them shine, and become great as the Celestial Body in the Night Sky. Gargantuan Creature Transformation may be bought a number of time equal to half the Lunar’s Essence, rounded down. Every time he does so, he gains a new True Form : he may choose one of his True Forms, which becomes the template of his Gargantua. He may not choose his Human Form.

When transformed, that shape loses all size Mutations, and becomes great as a Warstrider. It receives the Lunar’s Essence to its Strength and Stamina, a number of extra -0 Health Levels equal to half the Lunar’s ( modified ) Stamina.

On this Form, human-shaped targets receive 3 extra successes to strike the Lunar in close combat, and 2 if attacking the Lunar with ranged attacks. Moreover, the Lunar is akin to a Warstrider in all respects – he subtracts 2 successes from all attempts to strike targets smaller than 10 feet tall, and it becomes impossible for the Lunar to use Stealth or Survival without Charms – and even those begin their pool at 0. Tracking the Lunar does not even require a roll. Finally, he loses two dice on all awareness rolls to notice his surroundings, and a difficulty of 2 on all fine manipulation tasks.

Unity of Form Prana
Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: One Day
Type: Simple
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Appearance, Charisma and Manipulation of the Moon-Kissed.
The Lunar's bound with his Familiar transcends flesh - one becomes an extension of the other. Two parts of a whole... that becomes terrifying when together. Achieving the Unity of Form Prana, the Lunar receives a new True Form, as he is able to blur his own shape and that of his familiar, shifting both together with a touch. Together, they become one, guided by the Lunar's mind, but with the visible tinge of his Familiar's personality. The Lunar must be in his human or totem shape when this charm is used(which has to be chosen when this Charm is learned is learned) and pay the cost to transform into the composite form, a clearly supernatural creature whose shape shows the markings of both the Lunar and his Familiar.

The composite form the Lunar's attributes, plus one-half of the familiar's(rounding down), uses the best of their abilities, all of their specialties, and the sum of their Essence ratings; It has the Lunar's Essence Pool, all of their Charms, special abilities, natural attacks, features and supernatural weaknesses.

The War-Totem Cascade Charms may be bought for the Unity Form separately, with Unity of Form Prana standing in for Harmony with the Inner Beast in their prerequisites. Those variations are only effective for the Unity Form, however, and the Charms have to be learned again to be of use to the Totem and Beastman Forms. If the Familiar dies, it is forever lost - the Lunar receives back half the experience points sunk on it, the Form lost forever, and the Charm Unity of Form Prana is lost and has to be purchased once again.